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OWL Homestand Prices Have Fans Divided

Overwatch League homestand tickets have been announced and not everyone is excited about the cost of tickets. Several teams have been met with mixed responses and backlash over the pricing options for varying tickets. Whether it be weekend-long passes or season-long passes, it appears people have very different ideas of how teams should set their prices.

Boston Homestand Prices

The most divisive issue so far has been the Boston Uprising’s pricing options. Topping out at $350, the “VIP” seats guarantee viewers with the best seats in the house. Additionally, the Uprising have offered the “Epic” seats at $190 for above average seating and the “Common” seats listed at $118. Even though these passes are good for the entire weekend, which includes 6 games total, fans are hesitant for one major reason: Boston does not have a set venue yet.

Boston Uprising 2020
Courtesy of the Boston Uprising

Several fans on Twitter have expressed their opinions on the matter, stating that the prices are too outrageous for most viewers to afford. Without a known location, there has been doubt cast over the integrity of Boston’s ticket pricing. Members of the Uprising’s social team have stated that these tickets are priced knowing that they do not know the exact location of the venue.

From Jeff “Flats” Flaherty on Boston Uprising’s official Discord –

“…also to the question on tickets, we never want to oversell or overpromise something we cant deliver on. [Today] the limited release means that we will only be selling a LIMITED number AT THIS MOMENT. This means that right now we are only comfortable selling these because we are unsure on what we will be able to do in terms of seating, what the venue can do etc. .”

Currently Boston is planning on re-opening the sales of tickets to account for those who wish to purchase a 1-day pass. Once Boston has announced the location, expect to see more tickets available for purchase.

Paris’s Full Access Pass

Paris fans may have had the largest heart attack after seeing the prices max out at €600. Luckily that price is good for season long pass, giving the buyer access to every homestand game for Paris. With three weekends worth of games, the miscommunication between teams and fans left many potential attendees afraid to commit.

Paris OWL Home Stand Prices
Courtesy of the Paris Eternal

An issue for some is the drastic increase in prices from the current prices for games at the Blizzard Arena. For basic tickets for next years home games, the average cost for a day’s worth of games is around $50. Currently, it is $20 for Blizzard Arena tickets. Doubling the average price of a ticket is more than enough to push some hopeful attendees away. Now imagine seeing a $600 price tag for tickets – certainly that would be cause for push-back on the consumer side.

LA Holding it Down

Although not every homestand will have inflated prices. The Los Angeles Gladiators are looking to sell tickets for around $40 for the most basic seating options. The Gladiators also have a “VIP” pass with a price-tag of $300 + service fees, but this would include several perks like a meet and greet with the players. With the lowest homestand prices to date, it will be worth keeping an out to see if other teams follow suit.

At the same time, there a few people that have accepted the prices as a necessary evil for a growing industry. The pricing reflects the expensive nature of a busy city like Boston and the underlying processes it takes to host such an event. Fellow TGH writer Connor Knudsen even equates the pricing to similar multi-day events like music festivals or sports tournaments.

When Is It Too Much?

With the overhead that comes along with teams hosting home games, it is no surprise there would be some added costs to tickets. For cities like Boston, New York, and Paris, there are significant costs for renting out arenas. Although Los Angeles is an odd exception to this rule. With its low ticket prices, there are a few outstanding questions. Could these similar cities knock the prices down to be more accessible? How will these prices affect in-person viewership?

Time will tell if the OWL homestand prices will drop. But as it stands now, it looks like the fans will have to vote with their wallets.


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