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The Dog Days of OWL

OWL Dogs

There is an old time-honored saying about the love between an Overwatch League team and their dog. A much-adored companion to make the long days and odd schedules seem a little less harsh and a little more… fluffy. Stories throughout history have been written about the relationship between gamers and their four-legged best friends. Okay, maybe not specifically about gamers- but the updated version of these tales (tails?) will definitely be about gamers.

Fans can disagree over many things, but the one thing that brings everyone together is wholesome animal content. A photo or video of a cute dog holds power over the internet, and the OWL community is no exception. Nothing reduces the fandom to a puddle of heart-emojis faster than players sharing their love of their pets.

Below are just a few of the heart-warming reasons that the Overwatch League has gone to the dogs.

Introducing Wendy

OWL Dogs
Photo courtesy of the Dallas Fuel via Twitter

Followers of the Dallas Fuel social media accounts were recently introduced to a new four-legged friend with a nose for the spotlight. The Fuel recently hired a new translator, Helen “Dear” Jang, but it was her adorable dog Wendy who stole the show. Wendy visited the Fuel office, becoming an instant hit with the players, and after being featured in many of their social media posts- a star was born.

While Wendy may look like a Labrador, Dear says she is only 1/8 lab. The German Shepherd/Pyrenees mix was a stray rescue and will celebrate her third birthday this May.

Wendy’s favorite hobbies include sniffing and cuddling, and while she loves swimming, she is not a fan of baths. She hasn’t revealed whether she has a favorite player yet, but she is enjoying the attention she is getting from the team. According to Dear, Wendy is “down to cuddle with anyone,” and fans are certainly down for more Wendy content.

NYXL’s “Pawg” Pickup

OWL Dogs
Photo courtesy of @Saebyeolbe via Twitter

In early 2018, Jong-Ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park revealed a small Shiba Inu who would later become one of the most popular members of the NYXL and an OWL icon. Her name is BB, and she has been providing the Overwatch League community with charming content since the inaugural season.

Fans love BB not only for how she looks in a raincoat, but for the relationship between her and Saebyeolbe. He has previously stated that he “thinks of her as a daughter,” and speaks often of the happiness she brings.

The NYXL made her an official part of the team in this video at the start of Season 2, prompting fans to bring signs featuring the pup to the arena to show their support.

Uni’s Happy World

OWL Dogs
Photo courtesy of the Dallas Fuel via Twitter

When Young-Jin “Gamsu” Noh announced the adoption of Uni, it sent an adorable Earth-Shatter through the hearts of fans.

The pair are one of the most beloved duos’ in the League, and that is largely due to the happiness Uni brings not only Gamsu but his teammates. While playing for the Shanghai Dragons in season 2, Uni was often talked about as a source of delight and was a staple in the social media posts of many Shanghai players. Now that he is on the Dallas Fuel roster, it would seem the Fuel are stacked with wholesome dog content.

Gamsu’s high energy hiking partner was such a hit with the community that Uni now has his own Instagram account. Fans can follow for photos of Uni hiking, being silly, and just doing Uni things.

Muma’s Cure for a Bad Day

OWL Dogs
Photo courtesy of @Muma via Twitter

Austin “Muma” Wilmot knows a surefire remedy for a draining day, and his name is Ryosuke. The mere mention of Muma’s canine companion among fans of the Houston Outlaws causes an outpouring of love.

In an article from last April, Muma discussed how Ryosuke makes rough days easier just by being around. This comes as no surprise, as the pup is highly praised by his fans as being an “absolute joy.”

A Shiba Inu, Ryosuke is known for his energetic “zoomies” and can be spotted on Muma’s social media accounts. Reportedly, he enjoys finding odd places to take his naps in and can occasionally be seen wearing a classy bowtie. Always fashion forward!

Atlanta’s (Reformed) Good Boi

OWL Dogs
Photo courtesy of Dusttin “Dogman” Bowerman

One of the most talked about dogs in the Overwatch League belongs to the Atlanta Reign. The expansion team adopted Dusttin “Dogman” Bowerman to round out their roster, just a few days prior to their Season 2 OWL debut.

Dogman’s addition caused the Reign to be inundated with a season-long string of noise complaints. Perhaps the blue jerseys of the Paris Eternal reminded him of postal workers?

According to his Twitter account, Dogman has been self-enrolled in obedience training for the latter part of the off-season. It remains to be seen if the Reign will tighten his leash for Season 3, but Petja “Masaa” Kantanen stated “His name starts with dog for a reason,” leaving the question unanswered as to how far his training has come. When asked if Dogman has been housebroken, Masaa replied: “Barely.”


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