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OWL 2022 Season Confirmed for April and Will Be On Overwatch 2

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Many in the scene had known that the Overwatch League representatives for each team were getting together to discuss the  OWL 2022 season. Now reports confirmed by Jon Spector, the Overwatch League VP, are that the season will be starting in April 2022. Also and probably more importantly to a lot of Overwatch fans that may not watch the Overwatch League, they will be playing on “an early build of Overwatch 2”. Here is a look at what this means.

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After what has been a tumultuous year for Blizzard, to say the least, some good news was definitely needed. There had been rumors that the Overwatch League would be going on a year hiatus and many in the scene were rightly concerned. This was said to be false by Spector and now he has confirmed that with the start date for the 2022 season.

The Overwatch League has felt like a very stale game for quite some time name. Only getting occasional patches and new skins during events, many believe the game was basically being left for dead. With that, the OWL has been bleeding viewers and sadly has not had much change to keep viewers coming back. Now though, the 2022 season will be different.

With the OWL being officially moved to Overwatch 2, fans can start to get excited again. There had also been rumors that this game would not be out or ready as late as 2023. This would have meant another basically dead year for the game and the OWL 2022 season. Even though this will be considered to be “an early” version of the game, it seems like it may still basically play the same.

Either way, fans of the very popular franchise and league should be ecstatic. This is very clearly the best news they could hope for. It also means the release date for Overwatch 2 being rumored for Q2 of 2022 might actually come to fruition.

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