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Overwatch’s Tracer Challenge is Now Live

overwatch tracer challenge

Following the release of a brand-new comic, a new mini event will give players a chance for a unique skin and sprays. From September 15-28, three in-game wins will net players a new Player Icon, six wins awards a new spray, and nine unlocks the new Epic skin. This skin is inspired by the “London Calling” comic, going so far as to include panels from the comic on Tracer’s leggings.

In addition to the rewards for winning, there are new sprays to unlock for watching streams. There are six sprays to unlock, with the unlock tiers at two, four, and six hours. These sprays are the stylized onomatopoeia that comics are known for. Additionally, these come with the unique feature of being voiced. When used, Tracer will shout out whatever word is on the spray, including “Bang!”, “Blink!”, and “Pew Pew!” Blizzard has compiled a list of featured streamers and content creators. That list can be found here.

overwatch tracer event
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

This event marks the beginning of a 5-issue run of comics centered around Tracer and her life after the dissolution of Overwatch. This is a partnership with Dark Horse Comics, with this being the first Overwatch comic released since the Archives event of 2018. This move seems to be expanding on the story leading up to Overwatch 2 and bringing more exposition to potential new characters and heroes.


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