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Overwatch’s Sigma Maestro Event Begins

overwatch sigma maestro

Sigma’s Maestro Challenge has officially commenced, granting players the opportunity to earn an exclusive skin and emote along with several new sprays. This challenge will run from July 14-27, so they will only be available for two weeks.

The Maestro skin may finally help Sigma discover what exactly that melody is. Clad in the most formal of white-tie attire, he channels his inner symphony conductor. His shoulder pads are replaced, leaving wood with violin-esque sound holes in their stead. On his back is placed a drum, appropriately branded “Kuiper”. And yes, he is wearing shoes in this skin. Players will unlock this for free after winning nine games in the challenge period.

overwatch sigma maestro
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Also unlockable through wins are a new emote and player icon, at six and three wins respectively. As with the other limited challenges like this, there are exclusive skins that can be attained through watching any Overwatch stream on Twitch. Here is a list of the featured streamers, so be sure to tune in and check them out.

This event also comes on the heels of the new Overwatch soundtrack release. This album showcases the music designed for each map in the game. This album now appears on the top streaming platforms as well as iTunes and YouTube. More details can be found here.

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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