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Overwatch’s Latest PTR Patch Notes Nerf Several of Overwatch’s Most Powerful Heroes

Just one day after developers responded on Blizzard forums stating that changes to Baptiste and Mei were coming, Overwatch’s PTR Patch Notes were released. PTR Patch Notes 1.44 will tentatively address six heroes: Baptiste, Mei, D.Va, Orisa, Hanzo and Doomfist. The changes can be seen in their entirety in the image below, clipped from

overwatch ptr patch notes

Nerfs Galore

Of the changes listed here, the most notable is the first adjustment to Baptiste, who gets severely nerfed in this patch both in terms of his Immortality Field and his Amplification Matrix. Otherwise, Mei’s abillity to slowdown enemies will nerf her slightly, Orisa’s ability to take damage during Fortify is nerfed, and Hanzo’s Primary Fire speed is reduced.

The changes to D.Va and Doomfist are least significant from the eye test, but may prove to make situational adjustments to both of those heroes.

Overall, these are changes that the community has been after for some time, and they will hopefully shake up the current meta. Until they are released, be sure to check out this month’s Hero Tier List to read more about which heroes are strongest in the current meta.


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