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Overwatch’s Latest Patch Shortens Timebanks and Balances Several Heroes

overwatch latest patch notes

Overwatch’s Patch Notes 1.46 most notably marked the beginning of the Archives Event but they also brought forth some major balance changes to several heroes and made a bit of a sneaky change to timebanks. Here is an overview of all the major changes.

Timebank Changes

Under the “General Updates” section of patch notes, the following is stated in regards to timebank’s on Assault, Payload and Hybrid maps. It appears the changes are aimed at reducing longer games and extra rounds.

timebank overwatch

Some are already critical of the changes, saying that they will produce more ties and are a short-term solution to a problem that is more centered around the game’s map design. Vocal in this critique is OWL broadcaster, Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson.

Hero Balance Changes

In addition, the following hero balance changes have been made, affecting several heroes. Many of these are changes that the community has been asking about for some time now. Mei and Orisa bans are always ones that are going to be seen as positive, for the most part.

overwatch patch notes

Overall, outside of these changes, the event, and the new weekly batch of hero bans, there is nothing else major to report on in Overwatch. We’ll keep an eye on things and provide updates as needed.


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