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Which Overwatch World Cup Countries Will Be Present in 2019?

overwatch world cup countries

The decision to only fund travel for the top 10 Overwatch World Cup countries was met with conflict from the Overwatch community. While logistically understandable, this choice meant that a large portion of teams representing less-prominent countries would be unable to make the trip, therefore disqualified on a matter of money rather than skill.

The top 10 seeds, determined by country skill rankings, will have their trip to Anaheim paid for in entirety. These slots were given to South Korea, Canada, China, France, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Russia, and Finland. The remaining countries that qualified (whom garnered an invite from fan voting) have to pay their own way to Blizzcon.

Out of these 37 remaining Overwatch World Cup countries, only 54% have secured their slots. The remaining 46% either have announced their withdrawal or are still seeking support (with a fast-approaching deadline). Here’s a closer look:


Overwatch World Cup Countries that Made It

Through fundraising, sponsors, and (in several cases) alternate jersey sales, these Overwatch World Cup countries have gathered enough funding to make their way to Blizzcon.

Austria: Thanks to the Eurocup Fundraiser and merchandise sales, Team Austria will be attending.

Denmark: Also Eurocup participants, the Danes have confirmed their attendance after an impressive showing last year.

Hong Kong: In spite of (or maybe as a result of) recent controversy surrounding their home, the Fire Dragons successfully raised enough money through crowdsourcing and other methods to get to Anaheim.

Germany: The Crusaders have gathered enough funds with the help of significant fundraising to attend the Cup.

India: They will be attending on the backs of a large sponsor, Global eSports.

Ireland: With two large sponsors and the most successful jersey sale initiative among all OWWC teams, the fan-favorite Celtic Wolfhounds will be in attendance.

Italy: Through donors and a large sponsor in The Pepegas Team, Italy will make it.

Mexico: Successfully funded their travel with active efforts and a very active social presence.

Netherlands: As one of the Cup’s most heavily sponsored teams, they will be attending.

New Zealand: A significant crowdfunding effort (including alternate jerseys) coupled with sponsorship from Playtech have paved their way.

Norway: Ragnorok have raised the appropriate funds through donations and merch sales, and will be present alongside their fantastic Viking aesthetic.

Paraguay: The Guarani Lions will be attending.

Philippines: A large sponsorship from Bren Esports has enabled their trip.

Portugal: Will be attending thanks to a large sponsorship (and some crowdfunding efforts).

Saudi Arabia: The Falcons will be attending.

Singapore: Despite no formal announcement, it appears as though they will be attending.

South Africa: Three sponsors and jersey sales have cleared the Rhino’s path for Anaheim.

Spain: After a false promise from a sponsor caused them to recently announce a lack of funds, they have managed to crowdfund their way.

Thailand: Secured their ticket after winning the SEA Invitational.

Chinese Taipei: Will be attending.


Those that Didn’t

These teams have announced that they will not be attending the Cup, due to lack of sponsors or disinterest in raising money.

Argentina: Unable to afford their trip to the OWWC 2019.

Bulgaria: Their primary sponsor dropped out, forcing them to withdraw.

Egypt: Despite fan support, they are unable to attend.

Greece: The Trojan Horse regrettably lost support from a vital sponsor, throwing them permanently off course.

Israel: Due to “unexpected events”, the Lights will not be attending.

Kuwait: Despite raising money in tournaments they were unable to make it work.

Malaysia: Another fan favorite, their active funding efforts still left them shorthanded. One of the few teams selling alternate jerseys that were unable to gather enough cash.

Peru: Unable to collect the appropriate financing for their trip.

Poland: Even with solid merch sales and fundraising, they were unable to raise enough.

Romania: Announced their withdrawal with possibly the best tweet on this list.

Switzerland: Despite a large amount of support, they were unable to make it work.


Remaining that Need More Help

There are still several opportunities out there to help support less fortunate teams and hopefully help propel them to Blizzcon.

Brazil: Currently unconfirmed and as of early September, still looking for sponsors.

Chile: Actively attempting to raise money through giveaways and showmatches.

Colombia: It’s strangely unclear whether they will be attending or not, though this tweet seems to imply that it’s likely.

Iceland: Despite winning the Eurocup Fundraiser, they have yet to formally announce their attendance.

Japan: Their crowdfunding efforts ended on October 10, and it’s still unclear if they have raised enough.

Latvia: Actively seeking further fundraising.


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