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Overwatch Unveils New Deathmatch Map Kanezaka

Overwatch New Map Kanezaka

There truly is magic in this holiday season. Months after the release of Echo, Overwatch looked as though it was finished creating new content until Overwatch 2 arrived. However on Wednesday December 16, the Overwatch team surprised everyone with a sudden addition of Kanezaka – a brand new Deathmatch map. Kanezaka is the first new map in over a year, since Havana was released on April 15 of 2019.

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Kanezaka joins the ranks of Deathmatch-only maps like Petra, Necropolis, and Castillo. The map itself is set below the Assault map Hanamura. Players are able to see the older map in the skyline as they battle it out against one another. Like most Deathmatch maps, Kanezaka is smaller and more likely to accommodate multiple styles of play.

Overawtch New Map Kanezaka
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The real charm in Kanezaka is the abundance of easter eggs for players to find. There are billboards with familiar characters and call backs to other maps. Then of course, theres the Cat Cafe. As the immediate fan favorite part of the map, the Cat Cafe has it all. Its got an amazing soundtrack for players to duel to. Best of all, it’s home to pictures of cats actually owned by Blizzard developers.

Kanezaka is available now for PC players on the PTR. Download the update and go chill in the wonderful Cat Cafe.


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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