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Overwatch Unveils MM-Mei Skin for Overwatch League May Melee

MM-Mei Overwatch League May

The latest Overwatch League skin is here. On Wednesday, April 18, the Overwatch League unveiled a brand new legendary skin for Mei to celebrate the May Melee. MM-Mei is the latest in the OWL line of skins that players can purchase with OWL Tokens. MM-Mei is available now for purchase for everyone.

At the beginning of the season, the Overwatch League announced that each monthly tournament would feature rewards for viewers. Audiences would receive in-game items through viewing the games live thanks to the new rewards program on YouTube. At the time, players weren’t sure what heroes would receive a skin for the various monthly brackets. Wednesday’s announcement marks the first of four legendary skins that are available alongside the OWL tournaments.

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For the May Melee it is only fitting that the first legendary skin goes to the character with access to the best pun. Mei heads to the octagon in her new MM-Mei skin. The new skin features Mei donning MMA gloves and a pre-fight robe. Notably she no longer has her signature glasses in the new skin, as they would probably break in the middle of a mixed martial arts fight. Snowball receives a nifty new gold coating to mimic the bell that signifies the end of a round.

Mei’s latets legendary skin is available in the in-game shop for 200 OWL tokens. From now until May 11, players can grab the skin and start duking it out in brawl matches with their new MM-Mei skin.

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