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Overwatch: Twitch Streamer, DarwinStreams, is Working on Some Incredible new Workshop Modes

Darwin Torbjornball

Since its release, the workshop has revitalized the Overwatch community and has brought with it some very creative new, fan-made game modes. Twitch streamer and game developer, Darwin/DarwinStreams, has recently been working on some such workshop modes that have been making waves across the Overwatch community. One has already solidified itself as a bonafide slam dunk.

Torbjornball: Overwatch’s Very Own NBA 2K

The one in mention, a mode he is calling “Torbjornball,” quickly rose to the top of the r/Overwatch subreddit, netting over 1.4-thousand upvotes in the process. This hilarious concept has users controlling Pharah and playing basketball. The only catch? Torbjorn is the ball.

Seeing is believing.

Players can already begin to play this mode through the Overwatch workshop mode using the code 4QGEH. Even still, this is a mode Darwin is continuing to work on, as viewers can see at the end of the video above. Darwin will likely continue to update this through his Twitter page, which can be accessed here.

Tekken-Syle Fighting Mode: In Progress

Darwin has also been hard at work on a Tekken-style fighting mode in the workshop that will play like a traditional fighting game. This footage was only just released yesterday and has yet to have a playable code.

Again, keep an eye on Darwin’s Twitter for updates on when this mode will receive changes and become playable.

Overwatch’s top workshop modes continue to look nothing like the normal game, illustrating the community’s creativity and desire to play the game in fresh, new ways. For more on the top modes and what they mean for the Overwatch player-base, click here.

Stay tuned as The Game Haus continues to cover the newest and most exciting new workshop modes.


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