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Overwatch: Three Exciting Announcements From Watchpoint


Watchpoint returned for the first time since Overwatch League Season 1 ended for their 2019 Season Preview. During the two and a half hour show, there were many exciting announcements, interviews, and analysis. Of all the exciting things that happened during Watchpoint, here are three fun and monumental announcements that happened during the Watchpoint 2019 Season Preview.

Logo Changes

Courtesy of the Overwatch League

After rumors circulated that various teams had applied to have changes to their logo or color scheme, we have officially been given three variations to Overwatch League teams. First off we have the Philadelphia Fusion. They have swapped the white background and black “P” for a black background and white “P” instead. This change has been welcomed by fans, with a much sleeker, cleaner design. The change is minor, but welcome. Next up is the Los Angeles Valiant. They have changed their logo to be darker on both colors. They have chosen a forest green, and a darker yellow for the valiant helmet. Again, this change is welcome as well. The less harsh logo and color scheme are simple enough that it is a nice change, but not too much of a change that fans will be upset.

Finally, we have the San Francisco Shock. They have gone from a white and orange to a grey and orange. This is the one change that most have seen as negative. The grey seems to clash with the orange. While it may look alright in game, it leaves much to be desired as a logo.

Road Games

Not much information was given about these road matches, however it is coming a lot sooner than everyone expected. It was announced that, for the first time, games will play “on the road” at “team’s home stadiums.” Fans of the Overwatch League have been promised home matches as early as the 2020 season, so the prospect of home games in Season 2 is exciting.

The various show matches that have happened have shown that teams have fan bases in their home cities. From the Gilded Gala in London, to the homecoming games in New York and Philadelphia, fan support has been strong. Similarly, fan support during the four group stages, especially Paris, for the Overwatch World Cup was extremely strong.

The promise of traveling in the Overwatch League is one that could be lucrative and bring new teams on board. Misfits, the esports franchise, is planning on opening an esports arena in Berlin. The promise of an esports-specific arena could be a selling point for Berlin to secure an Overwatch League team for Season 3. Teams looking to join the Overwatch League in the future may use arenas as positive draw to have a team in the league.

Courtesy of the Overwatch League
Courtesy of the Overwatch League







Courtesy of the Overwatch League
Courtesy of the Overwatch League







First Week Schedule

Day 1

The most exciting news that was announced during the Watchpoint 2019 Season Preview was the Week 1 schedule. The opening match is a rematch of the Season Finals between the Philadelphia Fusion and London Spitfire. After that game, we have the New York Excelsior versus the revamped Boston Uprising. Next, fans will see the return of Chan-hyung “Fissure” Baek to Los Angeles, as his new team, the Seoul Dynasty, take on the Gladiators. That day concludes with the first Chinese match between the Shanghai Dragons and Hangzhou Spark.

Day 2

Day two pits the Toronto Defiant against the Houston Outlaws to start the day off. Next up we will see the completely different Florida Mayhem pitted against their closest neighbors, the Atlanta Reign. Then, in the third match of the day, the Dallas Fuel look to keep their hot streak from Stage 4 going against the San Francisco Shock. Then, in the final match of the day sees the other two Chinese teams, Guangzhou Charge and Chengdu Hunters, close the day.

Day 3

Day three, Saturday, opens with the Battle of Europe; London Spitfire versus Paris Eternal. Following that game, New York Excelsior take on the Washington Justice in an East Coast battle. Next up the third match of the day has the Hangzhou Spark taking on the Los Angeles Valiant. Finally, to close out the day is the Shanghai Dragons taking on the Vancouver Titans in the Canadians’ first game in the Overwatch League.

Day 4

Day four, the first day four of the Overwatch League, starts off with the Houston Outlaws taking on the Boston Uprising. Then the Philadelphia Fusion take on the Atlanta Reign. Next, the third match sees the Los Angeles Gladiators take on the San Francisco Shock. Finally, the last match of the weekend is the Seoul Dynasty versus the Dallas Fuel.

What game are you looking forward to seeing the most? The Overwatch League Season 2 starts Feb. 14, 2019.


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