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Overwatch: The Bold, The Brash (And The Belongs In The Trash) Of The New Expansion Teams


Great artists come around once in a generation: Michelangelo, Vincent Van Gogh, Banksy. However, there is one artist that stands out from the rest. That artist is the legendary Squidward Tentacles. We see his artistic genius exude in Season 2, episode 38B: “Artist Unknown.”

Courtesy of u/TheFirstRapher via Reddit

In said episode, Squidward creates the legendary painting “Bold and Brash.” In the episode, acclaimed art collector Monty P. Moneybags, is reviewing some work by Squidward. The standout line from the episode comes from Mr. Moneybags. He exclaims, in relation to the masterpiece created by Squidward, “Bold and Brash? More like ‘Belongs in the Trash!'” This line here is where the inspiration for this piece is drawn. Here is the Bold, Brash, and Belongs in the Trash of the New Expansion Teams in the Overwatch League.

The Bold

Courtesy of Soe via Twitter

The Hangzhou Spark win the award for The Bold of the new expansion teams. The bright pink and baby blue are unlike almost anything we have ever seen. The Spark took the risk, and it payed off. With the most unique color scheme in the Overwatch League, fans and foes alike cannot help but enjoy the colors. The Chinese team will most likely have one of, if not the, most sold jerseys in Season 2. Most other teams include some variation of either red or blue. To see why these colors are so prevalent, see this previous article about the psychology behind colors in sports and esports.

Overwatch League analyst Soe Gschwind-Penski “leaked” the jersey, and it looks incredible. The pink, white and blue all work so well together, and the Spark logo on the back fits well. When the initial leaks of the expansion logos appeared, many were skeptical about the Hangzhou logo. Some argued it looked like a sharper, pointy, horizontal Dallas Fuel logo. Hangzhou shocked the world by unveiling their colors, taking the Overwatch community by storm.

The Brash

The Brash goes to the Chengdu Hunters. Brash is described as “strong, energetic, or irreverent.” The Chengdu team colors fit this mold. The main colors are orange and brown, with black as the tertiary color. The choice to go with a more earth-toned color scheme is one that is quite strong. Earth-toned colors have been a staple of the fashion industry in recent years. Swing over to Kanye West’s clothing website, and you will see primarily earthy colors.

Courtesy of Liquipedia

The Chengdu team compliments their colors with a strong logo: a panda. The logo, which is very minimalist and uses the negative space to create the animal, is one of the best of the new expansion team. Chengdu was one of the leaks that most people thought were the best. The harsh font, as well as the weapon-shaped “T” in the name, combined with the brash look on the panda’s face really make this a menacing logo.

The Belongs In The Trash

The worst branding to come out of the expansion for the Overwatch League is the Guangzhou Charge. The colors they use are a dark blue, teal and mint green. Their logo is simply the initials of the city, GZ, with a lightning bolt between the letters. Also, the name “Charge” seems a bit weak. It feels too similar to the other lightning-based Chinese team, the Hangzhou Spark. The colors also leave much to be desired. The teal and blue seam to clash, and they do not seem like they will look good on a jersey together. The logo simply reminds me of Gatorade.

While many of the other logos and colors for the expansions are a tad bland, mundane, or unexciting, the three Chinese teams stole the show, in both the best and worst ways. Which branding for the new Overwatch League expansion team is your favorite?


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