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Overwatch Stage 1 Review: Seoul Dynasty

With a 4-3 record and placing in sixth overall in their first stage playoff run, Stage One was not a bad stage for Seoul by any means. Showcasing all of their off-season pickups along the way, Seoul’s lineup exemplified solid play throughout the stage that met fan expectations. The Dynasty will look to make more waves in the second stage of the Overwatch League

The Regular Season

Seoul Walk Out
Photo courtesy of Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment

Losing to Dallas, Boston and New York during the regular season provided learning experiences. Seoul were able to integrate Seungsoo Jecse” Lee, Minhyuk Michelle” Choi and Chanhyung Fissure” Baek into the starting line up. With team veterans Jehong RyuJehong” Ryu, Byungsun Fleta” Kim and Sangbeom Munchkin” Byun, the Dynasty had a fierce starting six.

Finding success early with Fissure‘s aggressive style would only enable the rest of the team. Star of the regular season, Michelle, was able cause chaos against enemies as Sombra. This allowed Seoul to flex between quad DPS, Sombra with three supports and a traditional composition of the stage one patch, three tanks and supports.

Against Washington Justice in Week 4 was when we saw the “B-squad.” Showing more off-season pickups such as Minseo Marve1″ Hwang  and Dongeon Fits” Kim would allow Dynasty veterans Jinmo Tobi” Yang and Joonhyeok Zunba” Kim to take stage once more. This composition changed Seoul’s style. It was more reactive rather than aggressive. The slower tempo allowed flex tank Zunba to shine with Self Destructs. This entire squad was powered by the past Lunatic-Hai support duo of RyuJehong with Tobi.

Stage One Playoffs

RyuJehong Interview after Beating NYXL
Photo courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Losing their 6th seed tie breaker to the Shock would put Seoul on a difficult path in facing the undefeated NYXL in the quarter finals. Losing to New York in the regular season, albeit close, did not look great heading into quarter finals after losing to San Francisco 3-0.

Quick to learn the “B-Squad” had transitioned to a “Control Map Squad.” The slower tempo forced NYXL to make the first move and they were punished for it. New York would be overwhelmed and Seoul would take the series 3-1 all decisive except an exhausting Assault map. Tearing the roof off prediction sheets, and personal expectations, Seoul would advance to the Semifinals.

Seoul and Vancouver hug after Semifinals
Photo courtesy of Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment

Because of the League rules and seeding, Seoul would have to beat another lossless team through the regular season and face Vancouver in the Semi Finals. It was more than facing the leagues current toughest on Seoul’s shoulders. It was also to make a grand final appearance in their first stage playoff run. After Control, Seoul did a great job in punishing Sangbeom Bumper” Park for their more than aggressive style. Finding success with their Sombra composition, Seoul were still scraping by to win team fights. Losing 4-0 at the end of the day showed how dominant the Titan’s roster truly was.

Looking to Stage Two

Fleta take the stage
Photo courtesy of Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment

Not even the best coaches and players can guess where the meta is headed. What is known is that Baptiste will be available and the patch changes enable many DPS. This will allow Seoul’s Original stars in Fleta and RyuJehong to break out this stage. RyuJehong is a Ana specialist and such flex support abilities can transfer over to Baptiste. Fleta is known for their Genji and Widow play in the past and this could come to light in stage two.




Featured Photo courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


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