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Sigma Guide: Day One with Hero 31

Sigma Guide

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. No other Hero in Overwatch embodies this duality more than Hero 31: Sigma. Siebren de Kuiper is an astrophysicist working to harness the power of gravity. While working on revolutionary research on an international space space station, something went wrong. A black hole was opened and while only briefly exposed, Dr. de Kuiper was left with the ability to control gravity. He was quarantined in a secret facility code named Subject Sigma until Talon broke him out. He learned to control his abilities, bending gravity to his will. Unbeknownst to the good doctor, Talon only aims to use him as a weapon in their plans to send the world into chaos.


Sigma has 300 shield and 100 health which seems rather low. He feels like an off-tank on an initial playthrough and has synergies with most tanks, similar to Wrecking Ball. The Dutch scientist is for those who can survey a battlefield and manipulate it to their will. If you can take advantage of aggression and predict enemy movements, Sigma will be the tank for you. Sigma is still on the public test realm and any numbers in this guide are subject to change.


Courtesy of the Overwatch PTR

Sigma’s primary weapons are his Hyperspheres, small metallic capsules containing two gravitic charges. These gravitational orbs bounce infinitely off of walls until they’ve traveled 20-meters in total distance. The spheres detonate after a short duration, damaging enemies, and causing a small area of effect damage. These detonations can even cause targets to be slightly displaced. If some are around a corner or behind a barrier, some simple geometry will deny them safety.

When most players think of a main tank, barrier tanks like Orisa and Reinhardt come to mine. Some will make a case for Winston but his barrier has more dynamic uses than the former. Sigma has a 1500 HP Experimental Barrier that he can deploy and recall at will. Holding down the right-click (or alternate fire button on controller) will send the barrier out in a straight line. It will continue along that patch until it hits a wall or is stop by releasing whatever was held to activate it. This barrier can fly through the air and even at odd angles. For veteran players, this ability will remind you of the photon barrier Symmetra once had in her kit, albeit more useful.

Competition for D.Va

Courtesy of the Overwatch PTR

What’s a tank without a defensive ability? If you get into trouble or need to save someone in a pinch, Kinetic Grasp will come in handy. Sigma uses the tech in his powers to absorb the damage from incoming projectiles (including ultimates), converting them into a maximum of 400 shields. Dragonstrike, Bastion primary and ultimate fire are just examples of things that can be denied by Overwatch master of gravity.

Accretion is an ability that will make Marvel fans think of a certain mutant, but for everyone else, this tank can stun back! Using gravity to collect debris, Sigma can hurl a boulder at his foes doing 80 damage. There’s a travel distance of about 5-meters for an additional knock back (boop) to take hold but it doesn’t last dangerously long. Reaper closing in on you? Use accretion to get him off of you and make space with your barrier as you get help from teammates.

Gravitic Flux is Sigma’s ultimate ability and does 50 damage to any target caught in its area, lifting them into the sky. After a couple of seconds, they are slammed to the ground and take 50 percent of their maximum health in damage. For example, Roadhog would take 300 damage since his health is 600. There are only a handful of abilities that can negate or escape this ultimate once in the air.


  • Shields so not stop your ultimate, so don’t let Symmetra on another tank get in your way.
  • You can combo Gravitic Flux with other damaging ultimates like Dead Eye, Minefield, Rocket Barrage and Self Destruct. It’s not the most efficient use in all cases, but on Assault maps, team wiping is key for capturing second points.
  • Sigma hovers like Zenyatta so use that to set up sneaky Gravitic Fluxes on defense!
  • When paired with D.Va alternating between Defense Matrix, Experimental Barrier and Kinetic Grasp can help your team advance on enemy bunkers.
  • Roadhog hooks and Brigitte’s Whip Shot don’t damage you if you use Kinetic Grasp.
  • Kinetic Grasp can eat Graviton Surge, Rocket Barrage, most of Whole Hog, Blizzard and Molten Core!

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