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Overwatch: Road Games in Season 2 and Things to Keep in Mind

Road Games in Season 2, Things to Have In Mind

When Overwatch League’s Season 2 Schedule was revealed, we were pleasantly surprised with the addition of three special dates. Originally, we were expecting to see localized games hosted by the teams arrive in 2020, or the third season of the League. But apparently, these games will be incorporated to the schedule in this coming Season.

They have been selected throughout the year so that three teams can start gaining experience in how hosting games will work. The chosen ones will be Dallas Fuel, Los Angeles Valiant and, surprisingly, a newcomer, the Atlanta Reign.

Right now, we do not know about schedules, at least for two of them. What we do know are some of the details!

Dallas Fuel: Ultimate Weekend

Overwatch: Road Games in Season 2, Things to Have In Mind
Courtesy of Overwatch League

Starting off on Stage 2, we will have our first road game on Week 4. Hosted by the Dallas Fuel, the Ultimate Weekend promises to be something to be remembered.

Right now, this is the only week we have information on, other than the games that will be played. It will be hosted at the Allen Event Center, just north of the city of Dallas. Matches have also been confirmed to start at 12 p.m. local time.

This week also has one of the biggest games of the League. Two of the teams with the biggest fan bases will face off in the most important match of their rivalry. The Houston Outlaws vs. the Dallas Fuel will be the last match of the weekend, and will be a spectacle to watch as we know fans of these squads are some of the most dedicated to their players among all fanbases.

We delve deeper on this weekend’s events in another article, which you can read here.

Atlanta Reign: Homestand

Road Games in Season 2, Things to Have in Mind
Courtesy of Atlanta Reign

One of the most surprising announcements of the new schedule was the fact that the newcomer, the Atlanta Reign, was going to host one of the three games outside the Blizzard Arena.

There are no details about this weekend apart from the matches that will be played, and that it will be on Stage 3’s week 5. Unlike the two other hosted games, we don’t know where they’ll be played as well.

Matches this weekend are not that spectacular compared to other specials. They will be more defined as the season moves on, as most of the teams playing are the brand new ones formed this year.

Los Angeles Valiant: Rivalry Weekend

Road Games in Season 2, Things to Have in Mind
Courtesy of Overwatch League

The Overwatch League Season 1, Stage 4 champions will be able to get some experience as well before 2020 hits. The Los Angeles Valiant will be hosting the last week of games of the whole season.

Matches will be played in (you guessed it) Los Angeles — more specifically, in the Novo Arena by Microsoft. There are no tickets on sale for the event currently, but a site is already up in which you can enter your email to receive a notification when they do. You can find it here.

This weekend has two spectacular matches, as well. On the first day, as the last game, we will have the Battle for LA. The Los Angeles Gladiators will face the Los Angeles Valiant in what will be the most expected match of the rivalry, as they will be playing in a game hosted by one of them.

On the second day, and as closing act of the whole season, another great game is expected. The San Francisco Shock will face the Valiant again in another rematch of the Battle for California. Will we face the same results as the events in the closing months of 2018? We’ll have to see.


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