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Overwatch PTR: New Mercy changes…again

The Overwatch PTR was updated Thursday with some new changes to Mercy…again. This follows the changes that were being tested last week which got rid of Mercy’s ability to double rez. Not everyone was a fan of those changes, but these latest changes should change that.

Overwatch PTR: Resurrect Token

The new changes bring back the ability to double rez. Though this change didn’t involve bringing back the cooldown reset for Valkyrie. What Blizzard did instead, as Overwatch Principal Designer Geoff Goodman explains in his post on the PTR forums, was to give Mercy a rez token.

Overwatch PTR
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The Rez token lasts until it’s used or when Valkyrie times out. This change still allows for players to “burst rez” but without the added hassle of using Resurrect before activating Valkyrie. Though one problem with this change is that it still promotes the “hide and rez” play style. Instead of waiting for her whole team to die Mercy just waits for two to die.

Still this is an improvement on the current situation because the cooldown reset is gone. Meaning that Mercy won’t be able to rez more than two people through Valkyrie, like she can now.

As with the last changes these new ones aren’t set in stone. There’s still the possibility that Blizzard thinks these new changes aren’t suitable. All we can do is wait and see what happens. Thankfully there was one change not related to Resurrect that we think will be here to stay.

Overwatch PTR: Guardian Angel Slingshot

For a while now there has been a bug that’s caused Mercy to have zero-air resistance when cancelling Guardian Angel. According to Goodman the bug was “intensely frustrating for most Mercy Players, but some players enjoyed using this bug to gain extra mobility.” Taking inspiration from these players Blizzard has added an unlock boost to Guardian Angel.

Overwatch PTR
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What the unlock boost does is that it lets Mercy slingshot off of her targets. This gives Mercy more mobility and will let her escape hairy situations easier because of the added travel distance.


If you want to test out the latest Mercy changes they are currently live on the PTR.

Featured Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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