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Overwatch: Private Profile PSA


By now, we can look back and review the success of Blizzard’s decision to privatize all player career profiles throughout Overwatch. The change came as the welcomed solution in the prevention of profile bullying.

Private Profile
Overwatch Social Options Tab

In many cases, players at all skill levels would be coursed by teammates to play within their usual playstyle or main heroes. This was done in an effort to keep teams playing at their best. Obviously, a simple request from a teammate is not toxic in its own right. The potential for a disagreement is always there. Perhaps that player is looking to play off their main due to frustration. Now their team is also pressuring a return to their main. It can be monotonous.

Positives and Negatives

For many players, experimentation and expanding their hero availability revolves around their ability to play whatever hero they desired in any gamemode. Within the competitive environment, many players would come under scrutiny for playing off their main with a match on the line. Blizzard’s response to default all player profiles to private eliminated this predominantly negative interaction with teammates.

Not only has this change affected casual players and their interactions, but it also damages the ability to appropriately uncover and report potential boosters and hackers found by streamers and even casual players. Blizzard is known to have a very solid response to potential threats to cooperative gameplay. Unfortunately now, Aimbot users roam freely. Until a Kill-Cam from a disgruntled victim arrives on Reddit or in Blizzard’s hands, a cohesive and recorded statistic could easily provide more credibility to the claim.

Private Profile
Fresh New Overwatch Career Profile

For the first two years of Overwatch’s existence, all of this now private data was available to players within Overwatch. Many would look over their teammates’ and opponents’ statistics to gather a better understanding of the match ahead. This information is integral when forming a working composition to better counter the opposition.

Although having access to the private profiles would provide all the desired information at our fingertips, some players argue simple team communication can provide any information you desire. Players find it relieving to not fall under scrutiny for statistics of past seasons, previous win rates or an original competitive placement in Silver. Without all of this information readily available, we avoid these toxic encounters. We unfortunately also lose a potent tool in crafting proper teamwork, and reaching a teams true potential.

Change it or Engage it

With this default setting being set to private, there are many that may not even know their profile has been privatized. Be sure to head to your settings and determine which selection fits your position. Do you prefer the accessibility of player information? Or entering a match looking for open communication among players? This will allow you to present your profile to your team if you chose to do so. Whatever your choice, be sure to promote positive teamwork everywhere you go. Engage with your team and try to find the best possible composition against your opponents.


Feature Photo Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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