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Overwatch: Piecing Together the Potential Kit for Hero 32, Mauga

overwatch hero 32

Many fans were shocked to see Sigma as Overwatch’s 31st hero. Many suspected it to be another member of Talon, more closely related to Mauga. In fact, Jeff Kaplan even confirmed that they were making the kit for Mauga and they felt like it wasn’t true to his character, so they turned towards Sigma instead. Since then, it’s been all Sigma.

But, considering the fact that developers have already animated and designed Mauga, there is a good chance he will be Overwatch’s 32nd hero. In case that does happen, here is a look back at Mauga’s lore and potential kit from his initial release.

Who is Mauga?

On June 17, Overwatch released a short story called, “WHAT YOU LEFT BEHIND.” This story provided an in-depth look into Baptiste’s past life with Talon and previewed a new Combat Medic skin which came out yesterday as a part of the Baptiste Reunion Challenge. But, this skin or the immersive lore isn’t what has fans most excited, no, that would be Mauga.

Mauga is a member of Talon and is depicted as a former soldier, alongside Baptiste. Since his fighting style is heavily detailed in the story, many have already begun to speculate his potential to be Overwatch’s 31st hero. Piecing together these clues and reading in between the lines, here is what fans can potentially expect if Mauga becomes hero 31.

overwatch hero 32

Image Courtesy of Overwatch

Role: Tank

When readers first meet Mauga, he is depicted cleary as a giant man, typical of the tank archetype. Not only is he massive in frame but he is also massive in personality, which the story lends itself quite a bit towards. All in all, if Mauga is anything but a tank, it would be quite a shocking development.

overwatch hero 32
Image Courtesy of Overwatch

Weapons: Two Large Gatling Guns

These two guns look to be massive, with a tendency to overheat to boot. His two guns, the size of people, require a coolant pack that he wears on his back to keep them from overheating. There’s potential here for a traditional Gatling-style gun, where users would have to monitor how long they consistently fired, for fear the gun might overheat.

This would give the possibility for Mauga to be an off tank sort of character with the capacity to deal a lot of damage. However, his final depicting lends to the idea that he may be Overwatch’s newest main tank.

overwatch hero 32
Image Courtesy of Overwatch

Shield: Deployable and Potentially Reflective

This is where Mauga really gets interesting. The line in the second photo below that “bullets ricocheted off his shield” ought to give readers pause. Could this be literal, implying a deployable shield that has the same effect as Genji’s deflect? That would seem pretty overpowered from a glance but perhaps they reflect off of the shield at a reduced rate. Or, perhaps this is only a figure of speech.

In any case, Mauga even having a shield in the first place gives the hint that he may be filling the main tank role in Overwatch. If it is truly deployable, he begins to sound very similar to Orisa, only perhaps more offensive based on his personality. Or, maybe his shield is for quick use to get around corners and he maintains to be an off-tank?

overwatch hero 32
Image Courtesy of Overwatch
overwatch hero 31
Image Courtesy of Overwatch


This is prime time for readers to fill in the blanks and dream as they so choose about the speculated 32nd hero following the release of Sigma. It may be some time until the next hero comes out, but its never too early to dream.


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