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Overwatch: People are Starting to Have fun Again

Overwatch Worskhop

Who would believe it, right? The introduction of Workshop has made Overwatch fun for the players who had  previously left, as well as given current players something new to enjoy. The Workshop has given players the opportunity to play new game modes, other than Competitive, Quick Play and Arcade.

Better Than Arcade

To Overwatch players, it’s no surprise that the game was getting stale. Quick Play feels unrewarding, Competitive is riddled with toxicity and the Arcade games put people to sleep with its lack of variety. However, when players got to make their own game modes, amazing things came out of it.

For example, Reddit user ajfis3 created Super Smashwatch. This game mode is based off of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bro’s fighting series.

Who would have ever expected Overwatch to be played as a two dimensional fighting game? This is only one example of the countless player-made games. Other games include Freeze Tag (G4NA0), Hammond Racing (JWY47) and Advanced Training Range (J29D2).

Players Are Returning

While player count is not public, it’s safe to say that older players are stopping by Overwatch to see what people have made. People currently playing the game will find that they are getting into games quickly, mostly the Workshop games in the Game Browser, but also the other game modes.

Streamers like Lirik and xQcOW have been streaming Overwatch Workshop games. This comes as a surprise to their viewers because they do not regularly stream the game, at least not anymore. Streamers playing the new game modes is indirect advertising that incentivizes their viewers to play the game, thus increasing player count.

New is Better

This saying can sometimes be disappointing, but it is true. When new things happen, everyone is experiencing it for the first time. This means that they don’t know what to expect or have any expectations at all. From there it is easy to be surprised or happy, especially when that new thing is at least serviceable. Only after it isn’t new do people start to notice the flaws and get irritated. That’s what happened with Overwatch when it first came out; it could happen again after the limits of the Workshop are reached and everyone has played the new game modes. But things aren’t great because they last, so enjoy Workshop and everything that will come out of it.

Need More?

What do you think of Workshop? Tell Ethan what you think @Hearin_Voices.

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