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Overwatch Lunar New Year Event: Everything you Need to Know to get Started

lunar new year sombra skin

Yesterday, Overwatch announced that it’s Lunar New Year event would be going live today and, unfortunately, all of the events skins were leaked. But, lucky for players, there is still more to do with this year’s Lunar event, here’s everything you need to know before you log in and download the update.

When is it live?

While there is no exact time designated so far, these events typically go live around 11:00 am or 12:00 pm PST, although some have started later in the past. There is currently no option to pre-download any update on the client, so users will likely have to wait until the event goes live for that.

Skins and Cosmetics

While all of the new skins were leaked yesterday, Blizzard has confirmed the newest face-changing Sombra skin in a Twitter post yesterday. Otherwise, the other emotes, highlight intros or sprays that are set to release are unconfirmed at this point. But, there are likely to be a few new cosmetic items outside of skins for players to purchase.

All of the old Lunar New Year skins and cosmetic items will also be purchasable for the duration of the event.

Start/End Date

Speaking of the duration, the event is set to start today, January 16, and stretch through February 5. This will give players roughly three weeks to unlock and purchase items until their heart’s desire. After the conclusion of this event, fans can look ahead to the start of the Overwatch League season on February 8. Who knows, maybe the game will even incorporate an event to commemorate that occasion?

Once more details are confirmed concerning unlockable items in this year’s event, The Game Haus will provide any and all updates.



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