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Overwatch: Looking Back At The Great Bamboozle


One of the most memorable moments in the Overwatch League Season 1 was the Los Angeles Gladiators’ “Great Bamboozle” against the London Spitfire. This unique play came during the first playoff series. In short, the team rushed all but one member of their squad, who switched to Widowmaker and wreaked havoc. As you can see in the four observer cams, the London Spitfire had no idea what had just hit them. Here is a breakdown of one of the best plays of the Overwatch League Season 1.

Breaking Down The Play

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Gladiators came out of the gate on Kings Row in a typical GOATS comp: Reinhardt, Zarya, D.Va, Lucio, Moira and Brigitte. Everyone on the Gladiators ran as fast as they could behind the Spitfire, except for Lane “Surefour” Roberts on the Brigitte. As they positioned themselves far back into London territory, the attention of the Spitfire turned towards the group. Little did they know that Surefour had stayed back in spawn as Brigitte, waiting for the opportunity to strike. After the Spitfire turn their attention towards the group, Surefour switches over to Widowmaker, one of his best Heroes.

Surefour quickly grapples up to the top platform in the Gladiators spawn room. He immediately scopes in and quickly takes out the enemy Widowmaker. His attention quickly shifts over to the Mercy, who he takes out in two shots. Obviously overwhelmed, the Spitfire are still not aware of where Surefour is positioned. At the same time, the rest of the Gladiators take the high ground overlooking the capture point, and swoop in. Surefour helps take out the enemy Orisa, as well as getting a few hits onto the Spitfire’s D.Va. The rest of the Gladiators take out the D.Va and successfully take the point.

Why Did It Work?

Courtesy of Twin Galaxies

The element of surprise. The Spitfire may have expected the Gladiators to run GOATS, but did not expect them to use the Lucio speed boost to get all the way behind them. The Gladiators overwhelmed the Spitfire so much that they did not notice that only five members of the team traveled that far. The crazy strategy was only bound to work once, since it relied on shock and awe.

The Great Bamboozle was a once-in-a-lifetime play. It was a combination of skill, surprise, and wit. Los Angeles have credited assistant coach Tim Albanese with the idea. If the Gladiators coaching staff can come up with some trick plays of similar caliber, fans should expect an insane highlight reel.

The Overwatch League returns on Feb. 14. The Los Angeles Gladiators will be taking on the Seoul Dynasty on opening night. The Gladiators have shown their ability to flex and use strange tactics, but will they be running GOATS or Dive? Why should you be a Gladiators fan? Click here to find out!


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Featured Image Courtesy of the Los Angeles Gladiators

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