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Overwatch League: What to Do Before Season Two (Part Six)

Overwatch League

TGH is back again with another article to help bide your time before Season Two of the Overwatch League begins! We’ve suggested Twitch channels, the Summer Games update, Overwatch articles, the Overwatch World Cup, and the upcoming All-Star Weekend to help fill some time in-between seasons.

If all of that STILL isn’t enough for you, we’ve got yet another suggestion!

As most Overwatch fans know by now, Blizzard released another cinematic this week. This time, the action centered on everyone’s favorite South Korean Meka Pilot, D.Va. The cinematic is extremely well made and is near ten minutes long. It features a new location never seen before in the Overwatch cinematic universe: Busan, South Korea. I won’t spoil anything for anyone who has yet to see the cinematic, but I will say that the design of the Busan is quite nice.

Overwatch League
Busan Sanctuary Courtesy of: Gamenews

New Map, Same MEKA

The location and release timing of the cinematic was coordinated for a specific reason. Shortly after publishing the amazingly animated and acted video, Blizzard announced a new map! Guess where the map is? That’s right, the same place the cinematic took place: Busan, South Korea.

The new map is a control point map and has three different stages: Sanctuary, Downtown, and MEKA Base. Sanctuary is reminiscent of both Nepal and Hanamura since it takes place in a serene monastery. Downtown shows a gleaming look at the central area of Busan, complete with a PC lounge, Karaoke machine, and a working ‘Dance-Dance Revolution’-style arcade game.

Overwatch League
Busan Downtown Courtesy of: GameSpot

You Can Play the New Map Now!

The reason we’re mentioning all this is that you can play on the unreleased map right now! All you have to do is download Overwatch’s Public Test Region (PTR) to play! And if you’re not a D.Va main, you should be able to draw enough inspiration from the cinematic and impeccably-designed map to warrant giving her a go.

This should be enough to at least fill some time in before the Overwatch League All-Star Game begins later today! Keep an eye on the Talent Showdown, because there will be a few Overwatch League stars casting while the usual casters and analysts compete! This includes two of the Overwatch League’s favorite D.Va players, Mickie and Bischu!

Overwatch League
Busan MEKA Base Courtesy of: Gamespot

D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge!

Last but not least, you can earn a fancy new skin, some sprays, and a player icon if you win 9 games and tune into some streams! It is similar to how the arcade loot box system works. When you win three times, you get two exclusive D.Va sprays. When you win another three games (for a total of six), you unlock an exclusive player icon! Then when you win a total of nine games, you win an exclusive Epic skin for everyone’s favorite South Korean MEKA pilot! Lastly, if you tune into some of Overwatch’s best-known streams, you get an additional couple sprays! So get out there and get playing!


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