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Overwatch League: What to Do Before Season Two (Part Eight)

Overwatch League

Overwatch League’s Inaugural Season is over, but there’s still plenty to do! TGH has given you seven suggestions and now we’re back for more! We’ve been over Twitch channels, the Summer Games update, Overwatch articles, the Overwatch World Cup, All-Star Weekend, the new D.Va-centric cinematic/map, and Season Twelve of Competitive. This time around, we’ll bring up a couple different activities that should relieve your Overwatch League withdrawals.

World Cup Weekend Starts Today!

Overwatch League
Courtesy of: @USAOWWC

First of all, this weekend is a major annual event in Overwatch esports. Specifically, the Overwatch World Cup will be starting up again today at 10:00 AM PDT. This time, the World Cup games will be hosted at the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, CA with six different teams competing! There will be three full days of Overwatch action with a lot of Overwatch League Talent! This should be enough to at least fill your weekend as there are a total of 15 matches to watch throughout the weekend.

For a detailed breakdown of all the teams and their players along with some predictions, be sure to check out our own Katrina Weil’s OWWC article. Also, if you’re attending, look out for TGH’s resident Seagull-Man, Brandon Padilla. He’ll be there representing TGH and Seagull-Human hybrids everywhere!

Tespa Tournament Tests Your Overwatch League Tactics!

Overwatch League
Courtesy Liquipedia

Now for the second part! If you are a current college/university student, you may be able to try your hand at competing in an official Overwatch tournament! Tespa’s Overwatch Collegiate Championship is starting its preseason, and many colleges and universities are eligible to compete!

According to the tournament’s page, “The tournament will take place over 12 weeks. Teams can choose to opt-in to two weekly matches with the default time taking place on Sunday […] Teams will play against opponents of similar skill level as determined by a Preseason leaderboard. The leaderboard’s results will then contribute to the initial standings of the Overwatch Collegiate Championship’s Regular Season in the Spring.”

This is your chance to get some high-level competitive play in before the regular season begins! Sign up here.


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Featured image courtesy of Tespa Tournaments.

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