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Overwatch League Week 3 Match Predictions: Justice Reigns From Above!

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Each week, Connor “GoopyKnoopy” Knudsen will be walking readers through the coming weekend’s Overwatch League games to predict who he thinks will walk away with each match. Through the first two weeks, Connor is sitting at a 9-3 overall prediction record and looks to keep the momentum rolling in what looks to be an incredibly close Week 3 in Washington D.C.

NYXL 2-3 Philadelphia Fusion: MATCH OF THE WEEK

This opening match will be one that every OWL fan should be tuned in for, pitting two heavyweights of the early season against one another. Each of these teams sits at perfect 2-0 records after each showed dominant opening performances. The Fusion have Jun-ho “Fury” Kim in their back pocket, which could prove to be enough to give them a slight edge against the NYXL this weekend. Even with that added boon, this one is honestly too close to confidently call ether way. Flipping a coin might be about as good.

Boston Uprising 3-2 Houston Outlaws

In the exact opposite kind of way, this one also looks to be incredibly close and difficult to call. Houston looked abysmal in their opening weekend and have only a few days rest coming into this one. If it were against any team other than Boston, I’d say they have no chance. But, against a Boston team with rest and no doubts about their health, I still don’t think Houston will have enough to get the win. If Houston does lose this one, there will be some tough questions that have to be asked about the team’s new coaches.

Paris Eternal 1-3 Washington Justice

Each of these teams had their own positives and negatives in their openers, but Washington looked much better on paper. Their 3-1 loss against the Fusion was much closer than the scoreline suggests, much like Paris’s 3-1 loss to Toronto. These losses are against very different caliber teams, however. Paris also introduces Han-been “Hanbin” Choi into the roster this week. If he’s able to gel quickly, this one may be a bit closer than I anticipate.

NYXL 3-0 Houston Outlaws

3-0 might not do justice for how much of an onslaught this one looks to be. Saving Private MekO will be in full effect as the downtrodden Outlaws shove their new off-tank on the stage to compete against his former team. Houston’s only hope lies in Week 2 being an absolute fluke and Tae-hong “MekO” Kim’s ability to give some advanced scouting against his former squad. Both highly unlikely, which means this one could get ugly. Expect a frag video from Houston either way.

Toronto Defiant 1-3 Philadelphia Fusion

If the first day is full of close matches, the second day is full of the opposite. The Fusion have looked very sharp and have put together a very deep roster. But, the Fusion do have to prepare for the Defiant and NYXL this week. With most of their focus likely going towards the NYXL game, the Defiant may fly under the radar and take a map. But, despite this being Toronto’s only game of the week, I don’t expect it to go to a fifth map. Philly is simply too strong.

London Spitfire 0-3 Washington Justice

London have only won a single map so far this season and they may have to wait until their next time on stage to get the next one. Although Se-won “BERNAR” Shin and company are not a bad team, I’m just not sure they’re quite ready to consistently compete with the league’s best. And, after their close defeat against the Fusion, I’m near ready to say that the Justice are among the league’s top squads. The Spitfire may take a map, maybe even two if they churn some cheese, but I’d think a 3-0 is more likely.


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