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Overwatch League Walkout Songs: K-Pop Edition

Overwtach League meets kpop

If the teams in the Overwatch League would all have walkout songs but they are all K-pop songs – what would they be and why? What group would be the one opening the matches for the teams? Some fans of the League also listen to K-pop music, this is for the ones that have a love and passion for both. There is a fair amount of K-pop idols that also play Overwatch in their free time. Let’s see what happens when we cross both worlds: Overwatch League walkout songs: K-pop edition.

Florida Mayhem: DAY6 – Sweet Chaos

Like the title of the song says, it’s sweet chaos. The Mayhem is here to kick some bum and stir the pot. They will bring chaos within the League and prove to the others what they can do. With the new additions to the team, they will go and do what they do best.

Seoul Dynasty: iKON – Killing Me

While Seoul Dynasty already has a walkout song, by pH-1, iKON’s Killing Me is a fitting song for the Dynasty fans. While Ryu ”Ryujehong” Jehong left the team, many fans followed him to his new team, the Vancouver Titans, leaving the Dynasty in the hands of Yang ”Tobi” Jinmo.

London Spitfire: BTS – Wings

The song Wings talks about spreading your wings and flying high up in the sky. While the Spitfire soared high in the first season of the Overwatch League, they plummeted in the second Season, almost to the ground. For the third season, they will fly back up again and once more rule the skies.

Hangzhou Spark: BIGBANG – Bang Bang Bang

This song was picked because of the team’s hashtag ‘bang.’ Just like how the fans of the Spark use ‘bang’ to hype up their team, so does the song as it hypes up audiences.

Guangzhou Charge: f(x) – Electric Shock

When thinking of the Charge, two things can come to mind. Either charging forward into battle or charge as in electric charging. The song has an upbeat tempo and makes the audience ready and charged to cheer for their team.

Chengdu Hunters: MONSTA X – Alligator

The alligator is a hunting predator; they wait until their prey is within reaching distance and then they attack, ultimately killing their enemy. The Chengdu Hunters wait for the enemy to come close enough to attack thus winning team fights and in the end also the match.

Paris Eternal: Pentagon – Shine

The catchphrase of the Paris Eternal is Fiat Lux, meaning “let there be light”. The song itself is a bright song, talking about the love of one person to the other, telling them that they will shine for them, but most of all, the Eternal, will shine together with their fans.

Los Angles Valiant: GOT7 – Fly

As the LA Valiant fans say ‘Wings Out’, this song talks about flying. Together with their fans, they can fly, the fans lift them up and cheer them on no matter what.

Los Angles Gladiators: EXO – Power

The Gladiators and their fans form a strong frontline. Together, they have the power to storm through the opponent and take the win. The song talks about becoming stronger together. The Gladiators have proved over the last season that they value their fans a lot.

Shanghai Dragons: BTS – Cypher pt. 4

Everyone knows that the Dragons went 42-0 before they won their first match 3:1 against the Uprising in the Second Season of the OWL. Against all expectations, they even won the Stage 3 championship against the San Francisco Shock. The song is about proving the haters and naysayers wrong, just like the Shanghai Dragons did.

Vancouver Titans: DAY6 – WARNING!

A Titan is a big and mighty creature. It won’t stop for anyone, making it a dangerous thing to deal with. The song warns people to stop and watch out, while the titan doesn’t listen to anyone and goes straight towards its goal.

NYXL: Mamamoo – New York

Much like the song describes, New York is the city that never sleeps. The NYXL will fight through it all and will not stop for anyone. The song fits with the name of the team and its passion to go on!

San Francisco Shock: DAY6 – EMERGENCY

When thinking of the Shock, it might even give the audience a shock! They have done some amazing plays and made some amazing comebacks from matches everyone else thought they already lost. While watching the Shock pop off, the heart rate of their fans might go up, so please don’t forget to breathe in and out, breathe in and out and out.

Dallas Fuel: 2NE1 – Fire

Fuel is something that can be used to start a fire. Matching the hashtag for the team ‘Burn Blue’, this song is real fire! The Dallas Fuel would leave a path of burning blue fire everywhere they catch a win.

Houston Outlaws: DAY6 – Shoot Me

Thinking of the Outlaws, one would think of cowboys, the Houston Outlaws are a group of six on stage. They always have their enemies at gunpoint and aim for victory.

Toronto Defiant: Epik High – Don’t Hate Me

The word ‘defiant’ means to disobey, to be provocative or to be rebellious. It was revealed that the name “Defiant” was chosen to “represent the strength, character and resiliency of Toronto”. The team seemed to have not many fans, maybe even haters. Yet they shone through and build up a strong resielent team and fanbase.

Boston Uprising: Chen – Uprising

The name Uprising came from Boston’s forefathers and their legacy in the Revolution who made the foundation of the city. The song does fit well with the Uprising, as they rise up to to the top.

Atlanta Reign: Rain – Rainism

Rainsism starts off with the sentence, ‘I’m gonna be a bad boy’. This perhaps references some of the statements and actions of Dusttin “Dogman” Bowerman… But most of all the team showed they indeed were bad boys, getting the enemy when they least expected them to.

Philadelphia Fusion: ONEUS – LIT

Fusion meaning people or things coming together creating new things, one union. The song combines traditional Korean instruments, sounds and clothing with the beat of modern music. It unites different elements and makes them into something new. The Philly Fusion took players from around the world and united them to make the Philadelphia Fusion.

Washington Justice: SNSD – Into the New World

If there is injustice in South Korea, it is common for people to sing this song at demonstrations to support the ones who are protesting against the injustice.
“Justice is a universal value and the perfect name for a franchise that we hope will inspire and unite both our Washington area community and fans around the globe”, said owner Mark Ein.

Overwatch League walkout songs: k-pop edition
VIXX’s Hongbin talks about other idols he played Overwatch with. Courtesy of 모비딕 Mobidic


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