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Overwatch League: Top 5 Zenyatta Players From Stage 1

Stage 1 is over, the statistics are in and there are really good Zenyatta players. In the GOATS composition, Zenyatta is primarily a damage dealer. Not only that, but positioning and teamwork are also extremely important in this composition. Here are the best Zenyatta players from Stage One of the Overwatch League.


zenyatta stage one
Image Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Stage One champion with insane team-play and statistics, it’s Lee “Twilight” Joo Seok. His team-play is what puts him at the top of this list. While having really good mechanics and damage done this stage, his coordination and teamwork brought his team to win Stage finals.

Most teams make the error of layering Transcendence and Sound Barrier a couple of times due to a miscommunication, but not Vancouver. This team has been together for years and they know how to play around each other, this makes Twilight shine and that’s why they won the Stage


zenyatta stage one
2018-03-25 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Was this ever a question? Sung-hyeon “JJoNak” Bang is a powerhouse Zenyatta player. The New York Excelsior has learned to play around JJoNak and give him the space he needs to pop off. JJoNak leads the Zenyattas in solo kills and was among the top five in all of the Zenyatta statistics in Winstons Lab for Stage One. He likely isn’t going anywhere either, so keep an eye on him.

What puts JJoNak under Twilight is his performance in the Stage One playoffs. JJoNak was constantly being harassed by Seoul Dyansty’s Sombra and being hacked when he had Transcendence. This could have been due to JJoNak’s positioning making peel from the rest of New York harder. Despite losing in the playoffs, JJoNak remains a powerhouse and will likely be performing to his standard.


zenyatta stage one
Image Courtesy of

This newcomer had been hyped up by analyst, it might have taken a couple of games, but Min-ki “Viol2t” Park delivered. At the end of Stage One Viol2t led the league in hero damage as Zenyatta, but damage isn’t everything. Early on Viol2t lacked in team-play and didn’t trust his teammates to keep him alive.

By the time playoffs rolled around, Viol2t had complete faith in his team and looked amazing in his roll. Eventually playoffs came and he made a few mistakes that puts him at number three and not higher. For whatever reason, Viol2t would sometimes build Transcendence late and instantly use it to try and save a teammate. This often came too late and the person he was trying to save would die, making a lost team-fight with a wasted ultimate. Viol2t made it to playoffs and gave Vancouver a run for there money, don’t sleep on Viol2t for the rest of the season.


zenyatta stage one
Courtesy of @GZCharge on Twitter

His team didn’t make playoffs, but Jin-seo “Shu” Kim showed off an amazing Zenyatta and Ana in Stage One. Despite his team having a 3-4 win/loss record, Shu is at the top of the player rankings on Winstons Lab. This is due to his raw mechanics and overall stellar performance in Stage One.

The Guangzhou Charge sometimes play disjointed and chaotic compositions, this allows Shu to pop off on his own. Shu is currently the most well rounded Zenyatta in the league with great damage, assists and a low amount of deaths. If the Charge is able to play around Shu’s amazing mechanics then they could easily make their way to playoffs.


zenyatta stage one
2018-02-28 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

He’s an original carry support player that finally made it to playoffs in the Overwatch League. Je-hong “ryujehong” Ryu has always been a great support player, but his team never made it to playoffs last season.

Ryujehong’s statistics this stage have been above average, but the reason he is on this list is because of his improvement from last season in team-play and coordination. If Seoul continues to play as a team, then they are well on their way to making more playoffs.

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Statistics Courtesy of Winstons Lab

Featured image courtesy of Overwatch League

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