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Overwatch League Teams Change Twitter Pictures to Pigeons to… Tease New Streetwear Collaboration?

overwatch league pigeon

[Update: New STAPLE x OWL Jerseys Will Available for Pre-Order on January 28]

Late last night, nearly all of the 20 Overwatch League teams changed their Twitter profile pictures to an outline of a pigeon with their team’s logo inside it. This, it seems, is a way to tease and hype up an upcoming collaboration between the league and the streetwear clothing brand Staple Pigeon.

Yesterday, around the same time the pigeons started popping up and coo-ing about on Twitter, the Staple Pigeon Instagram account posted the following picture hinting at the collaboration. Since then, the brand has also made the pigeon with the OWL’s logo in the center its profile picture on Instagram.

overwatch league staple pigeon
Image Clipped From Staple Pigeon Instagram

More Details?

Right now, there are very few details to speak of. There is no information on when this line will drop, if it will lead to different styles of jerseys for the 20 OWL teams or what sort of merchandise will come of the collaboration at all. With one exception. The Staple Pigeons founder did post one sneak peak on his personal Instagram of a hoodie that will be a part of the line featuring the OWL logo inside the brand’s pigeon.

staple pigeon owl
Image Courtesy of Jeff Staple Instagram

In the meantime, fans can read more about the Staple Pigeon brand on their website, where they have their origin story posted, citing their New York City roots dating back to the 90’s. And, as the site says, “Streetwear is evolving” and esports seems like a perfect market to continue to facilitate that evolution. For fans of a league that seem to be consistently looking for more up-to-date and stylish merch for their teams, all signs lead towards this collaboration being an absolute hit.

The Game Haus will post more updates as the OWL social media teams keep coo-ing on Twitter. Once more details are confirmed, we’ll provide updates and links to purchase whatever is made available..



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已发布有关STAPLE x OWL系列的更多详细信息 皇马电竞竞猜 _ 皇马电竞竞猜 January 27, 2020 at 11:38 am

[…] 当大多数团队在1月16日午夜前后将Twitter的头像图片更改为鸽子时,守望先锋联赛创造了颇具酷意的动作。为进一步混淆社区,所有帐户随后开始发布推文简单地读为“咕”。如果那还不够奇怪,他们会继续滑稽动作,只使用鸽子的gif表情互相回应。 […]


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