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Overwatch League Teams as Broadway Musicals

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Broadway, the great white way, home to the dreamers and the schemers. Where dreams come true and others flounder. In other words a place not entirely dissimilar to the Overwatch League. They both are home to tremendous highs and devastating lows. To heroes and villains. So with that in mind, and there being a break in the Overwatch League season, there is no better time than to cast the Overwatch League Teams as Broadway Musicals.

Atlanta Reign- Grease

Atlanta Reign- Grease
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

If there was any Musical that captured the all American dude-bro energy of the Atlanta Reign, it is Grease. In particular the bro-tastic times of Danny Zucko and the rest of the T-Birds. Just out there on stage strutting about, trash-talking the other gangs (teams). Be honest you know damn well that BabyBay, Dogman, Gator and the lads would be the types to put forth a raunchy number while fixing a car, or in the case of Pro Overwatch players… a PC.

Boston Uprising- Kinky Boots

Boston Uprising- Kinky Boots
Kinky Boots

The shoe game is immaculate. Real ones understand.

Chengdu Hunters- Frozen

Chengdu Hunters- Frozen
Courtesy of Playbill


Dallas Fuel- Cats

Boston Uprising- Cats
Cats Musical

Some love them, others really don’t, yet they remain. Filled with some interesting moments and very memorable characters. Adaptations over the years have been unmitigated disasters. So much so that they were routinely mocked by fans. Yet over time a proud strong fan base has remained and seen immense growth. Recent casting change ups have made the future seem bright. With luck, this new staging can continue to yield promising revenue. 

Florida Mayhem- Be More Chill

Florida Mayhem- Be More Chill
Courtesy of Broadway Box.

Well for starters they share the same awesome color scheme. Both are young, hungry, and eager to prove they belong at the top. With some exciting numbers that really do get the hype rolling, and some emotional powerhouses to tickle the heartstrings. They will surely look to more than survive this season.

Guangzhou Charge- West Side Story

Gunagzhou Charge- West Side Story
West Side Story

If you can’t see Nero leading the lads in a bold dance number against the other teams while Neptuno trash talks then you have not been watching.

Hangzhou Spark- K-On!

Hangzhou Spark- K-On!

Ok, this is a cheat. It is not a Broadway musical, but choosing anything other than a music anime seemed wrong. Energetic, young, and bursting with talent.

Houston Outlaws- Oklahoma

Houston Outlaws- Oklahoma

You know damn well Rawkus would rock that outfit.

London Spitfire- Sweeny Todd

London Spitfire- Sweeny Todd
Sweeny Todd- The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

British set Musical… British Team. Also, Glister is just as menacing as Mr.Todd. Tearing up the competition like Todd tears up throats.

Los Angeles Gladiators- In the Heights

LA Gladiators- In The Heights
The cast of the Broadway musical, “In the Heights,” performs at the 62nd Annual Tony Awards in New York, Sunday, June 15, 2008. (AP Photo/Jeff Christensen)

Hip, diverse, modern, and boasting a boatload of swag. This team knows how to bring the music. With a DJ like BigGoose on the ones and twos, this team is ready to take on the world.

Los Angeles Valiant- Dear Evan Hansen

los Angeles Valiant- Dear Evan Hansen
Dear Evan Hansen

Social Media game is tremendous. With the players being extremely active on platforms like Twitter. Also not afraid to comment on important issues that are affecting the world. In addition, the Twitter simping of the players has only made them more and more popular. Unconfirmed reports made up right here say that Halsey is also a fan.

New York Excelsior- Newsies

NYXL- Newsies
Newsies on Broadway

Proud, Loud, and can please a Crowd. Showcases jaw-dropping numbers, immense talent, and unafraid of a challenge. Yet unable it would seem to take home the top prize. Not to mention the production is set in New York.

Paris Eternal- Les Miserables

Paris Eternal- Les Miserables
Les Miserables

The Frenchmen and their All-Star friends came out swinging this season. Their Choreography is top-notch, their voices big and bold. Though sometimes some questionable gameplay can make their fans miserable… Anyway, Tony Awards are still in reach, can they reach the top prize?

Philadelphia Fusion- Avenue Q

Fusion- Avenue Q
Avenue Q

This one is hard to explain, but it is just the vibe that the team gives off. Also, you can not say that the big one in this picture doesn’t look a little like All-Star Benchman Chipsa.

San Francisco Shock- Hamilton

Shock- Hamilton
Courtesy of the New York Times

Won every award that can be won. Each person in the cast is tremendous. Just filled to the brim with talent on stage and behind the scenes. Even though almost everyone from the original cast is gone, they very rarely miss a beat or boop. They will not be throwing away their shot.

Seoul Dynasty- Beetlejuice

Dynasty- Beetlejuice
Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Got its start by basing its premise off pre-existing and well-loved material. Yet it is somewhat inconsistent. Sometimes downright amazing, other times could do way better. Though when they get their act together it is a treat for all to see.

Shanghai Dragons- Hadestown

Dragons- Hadestown
Hadestown on Broadway

A gentle protagonist (Fearless) leading a mighty quest for what matters most. Though a C9 befell poor Orpheus as well. They still went on to claim the top prize. Just as the Dragons won the May Melee APAC, so to did Hadestown win Best Musical.

Toronto Defiant- Come From Away

Defiant- Come From Away
NOV. 08, 2019 – The first North American tour company of “Come From Away,” playing at the Citizens Bank Opera House. Photo Matthew Murphy

By winning the Maple Matchup and claiming the title as the Best Canadian Team (for now) they win the honor of being Canada’s best musical. Rejoice Canadians!

Vancouver Titans- Mama Mia

Titans- Mama Mia
Mama Mia on Broadway

They are still a new team so it is forgivable but they sometimes play like they too are a young girl about to be married who invited three men who may or may not be her father to her wedding without the knowledge of their mother. Though Shockwave joining the cast certainly has helped.

Washington Justice- Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark

Justice- Spiderman
Spiderman- Turn Off The Dark on Broadway

Is this a real musical? Yes. Did it go through multiple Spidermen due to injuries? Yes. Is it a really bad musical…… well it certainly wasn’t good. Is this a bit harsh? Possibly, but the Justice in the Overwatch League has had about as much success as this poorly planned show. Though Reeve Carney/Corey was good.

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