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Overwatch League Stage 4: LA Justice

LA OWL Teams

As of the end of Stage 4 Week 3, both Los Angeles teams are surging. The Los Angeles Valiant and the LA Gladiators have nearly won all of their games in Stage 4. Stage 4 is more than halfway done at this point and both teams are making strong cases for themselves going into the Postseason Playoffs. Since this is the final stage before the Postseason Playoffs, some teams have a very slim chance to make it – two of those teams being the Seoul Dynasty and Houston Outlaws.

Every game played, from this point on, will determine who will and will not make the Playoffs. Nearing the end of Stage 4, the top tier teams are separating themselves from the middle of the pack. Only five teams will make it, and two of those spots could be clinched by both Los Angeles teams. Will both the Los Angeles Valiant and LA Gladiators make it to the postseason?

Wings Out

The Los Angeles Valiant have dominated thus far in Stage 4. The Valiant are currently 5-0 in their last five games and find themselves not only in the running for the Stage 4 Playoffs, but also the Postseason Playoffs. In addition, the Valiant are currently the top team in the Pacific Division, which would give them a free pass into the Postseason Playoffs. The Valiant have shown highly aggressive play, proving to be successful against other Overwatch teams. The Valiant put this strategy on display against the Boston Uprising and Seoul Dynasty – also Postseason Playoff contenders.

Best case scenario for the Valiant – they win out all their games or split their record in the last games of Stage 4, still making both Playoffs. The Valiant face tough teams in the rest of their Stage 4 games, one of them being the NYXL. Can the Valiant continue their hot streak in Stage 4 and into the Postseason?

Stage 4 Week 3 Standings

Shields Up

Similar to the other Los Angeles team, the LA Gladiators are prevailing. The Gladiators are 5-1 in their last six games, also finding themselves in the running for the Stage Playoffs and Postseason Playoffs. The only team the Gladiators have lost to in Stage 4 were the Valiant in the Battle of LA. The Battle of LA is always a close series and the Valiant are no slouch; the Gladiators ended up taking a tough 3-0 loss.

Nevertheless, the Gladiators still find themselves on an upward trend heading into the later parts of Stage 4. The Gladiators are also in fifth place in the overall standings, a good spot to be in with only four games left to play in Stage 4. Will the Gladiators be able to continue their great team play in the later parts of Stage 4 and into the Postseason Playoffs?

Overall Standings as of Stage 4 Week 3

Looking Ahead 

So far, both Los Angeles teams are peaking at the right time. The Los Angeles Valiant and the LA Gladiators are in the running for the Stage 4 Playoffs and the Postseason Playoffs. All the LA teams need to do is win a majority of their last four to five games in Stage 4.

Will the Los Angeles Valiant secure the first-place spot in the Pacific Division or will the Gladiators overtake them? Similarly, will we possibly see the Battle of LA rematch in the Stage 4 Playoffs? To find out, tune into the final stage for the inaugural season of the Overwatch League.


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