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Overwatch League: Stage 2 Community Roundup

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Another stage done and more OWL memes made. Some people in the Overwatch community put a ton of effort into videos and pictures just to make people laugh. This is a roundup of some of the best community-made memes  memories in Stage 2.


To start, this gem from Subutai, named OWL ACADEMIA makes OWL an anime. The effort put into these episodes is unreal for one person, be sure to follow this account and watch the other episodes.

Classic NYXL

Bad Pachimari always brings the content. With WoW Classic being announced by Blizzard, memes were destined to come out of it. Go back in time through with the NYXL to when they were at the top of the league. This Twitter account has become a staple in the community with their memes and predictions.

Thor: RagnarOptic

Who doesn’t like Thor: Ragnarok? Probably Houston Outlaws fans after this. It was no secret that the Outlaws had an awful stage. That, on top of Optic Gaming being on the verge of a buyout, makes this video even better.

And They Made a Big Deal about Booing

During the Dallas Homestand, the audience was booing the away teams. Some people made an ordeal out of that, but then there’s this. Australians are relentless, the clip speaks for itself.


Bren and Sideshow are something else. The casting duo followed in the footsteps of Dafran and danced to Fujiwara Chika. However, their spin on it was to incorporate schoolgirl dresses that they used previously. Credit to 6Arks for the clip.


How long has it been since the Widowmaker extraordinaire Do-hyeon “Pine” Kim played? What about Tracer god Jong-ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park? Too long. GOATS has not been kind to these two players as their signature heroes are nowhere to be found in the meta. These players could get stage time later in the season but right now tanks run the arena.

The Caster Spectrum

For those who don’t know, Overwatch Contenders caster Avast streams during OWL matches with casters/analysts/players to talk about what is happening during the games. After caster ZP was called a “Boomer” the meme connoisseur Bad Pachimari made a spectrum and placed casters/analysts where they belonged on that spectrum.

Super Drift

The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift had one good thing, the song. In this clip Matthew “super” DeLisi used his massive forehead to figure out what DK stood for. Drift King.


People are creative and want to entertain or make people laugh. People also like Overwatch, except for those Australians. The Overwatch League has done so much, not only for the Esports industry, but the community around it. This season is only half way done, that means more community creations will pop up as OWL enters its second half.


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Featured image courtesy of @badpachimari on Twitter.

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