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Overwatch League Stage 1 Playoff Recap: Seoul Dynasty vs New York Excelsior

Seoul Dynasty WIN 3-1


Ilios – Seoul 2-0 New York

Seoul Dynasty
Photo Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Seoul would run a secondary lineup against New York to great success. Controlling the tempo of the fights on Well with a more passive aggressive style, the Excelsior seemed lost and unable to maintain footing on the point while keeping their resources managed.

In their reactive play style the Dynasty were able to utilize high damage output from Dongeon “FITS” Kim to push New York back. In so, Joonhyeok “Zunba” Kim was able to find value in self destructs. At one point where Minseo Marve1″ Hwang was almost eliminated, Seoul turned the fight in their favor. Forcing New York to make their own errors that would have Seoul taking the map in a decisive two stage victory.


Hollywood – Seoul 2-1 New York

A long fight on the opening capture point would have New York unlocking the payload and having ultimates to push with. Not needing any ultimates to take the capture point, the Excelsior were poised to snowball through second. With Baek “Fissure” Chan-hyung back in, and the squad mostly seen through the regular season, the Dynasty controlled the high ground each fight. Poking New York as they walked towards the payload, NYXL had little resources to fight with. Seoul exhausted time and halted New York’s attack on the second point just in front of the jail house.

Baek “Fissure” Chan-hyung
Photo courtesy of Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment

This map enabled Min-hyuk “Michelle” Choi who played Sombra through Seoul’s attack. This allowed Fissure to play their aggressive style and it had the Dynasty winning fight after fight until Taehong MekO” Kim halted the momentum with a three elimination self destruct. The pressure would continue with Michelle in New York’s backline. Finding key hacks onto Haeseong “Libero” Kim who was playing Brigitte and Seonghyun “JJoNak” Bang on his trusty Zenyatta, took the defenses down from the Excelsior. Seoul found value in Sombra making NYXL scatter and allowed them to take Hollywood emphatically.


Volskaya Industries – Seoul 5-6 New York

Forcing their way to the point, the NYXL were able to disrupt the defense of Seoul. Libero was value shield bashing Fissure and Jehong “Ryujehong” Ryu before they could have impact on defending the first point. With a quick cycle of rotations, NYXL would find their feet on the second point. As Fissure was rounding 95% charge to the earth shatter ultimate, he was taken out and New York would capture the second point with nearly five minutes in the bank.

Through an explosive triple DPS composition had Seoul isolating New York’s members on the first point. Corralling them into the mega health pack allowed Felta to fly across the terrain on Pharah and eliminate Jjonak. Cycling ultimates to maintain presence on the second point allowed the high burst of damage from Seoul to rain in and capture the second point.

Volskaya Industries
Image Courtesy of Bliazzard Entertainment

Extra Rounds

When it’s triple tank and support on this map, NYXL seem to always win. On their second attack, NYXL were able to elongate a fight with JJoNak‘s transcendence after eliminating Fissure.  There was a moment where Byungsun “Fleta” Kim might have been able to graviton and flip the fight knowing that ultimate was down. Having their spawns split, Seoul could not contest for long as NYXL took two more points.

Tying the map up at four a piece Seoul were unable to get a stronger time bank then NYXL. Seoul would have to attack again with their triple DPS composition. Isolating key targets whether they are hacked or not allows RyuJehong on Ana to traverse the terrain with little pressure. A stall at the end of their attack backed by JJoNak’s transcendence at first had NYXL stabilizing and eliminating Seoul who were unable to fully capture the second point.

A small adaptation for Seoul’s final defense had Michelle back on Sombra. NYXL were struggling to keep their back line sustained. In overtime was where MekO was able to eat Fleta’s graviton to shut down Seoul’s hope of a full hold. Because NYXL captured first point in overtime it meant Seoul had longer spawn times. Unable to set up a proper defense on the second point, the NYXL took the map and stayed alive in the match.


Rialto – Seoul 0-0 New York

Min-hyuk “Michelle” Choi
Photo Courtesy of the Overwatch League

Seoul’s map choice would be wise. Rialto can play against the bigger combos NYXL were known to attain. Attacking first, Seoul would take a long rotation to reverse sides with the defenders. Waiting for Michelle’s EMP gave Seoul full control of the payload. With time against them Seoul captured point A in overtime.

A timely transcendence to negate Michelle’s EMP was not enough for NYXL as a second hack would go onto Meko. Unable to shut down the damage and the Graviton from Fleta, Seoul captured the second point. Seoul spent the majority of their push in overtime on the third point. With NYXL re-spawning with ultimates, the Dynasty were unable to capture the third point. NYXL would have their win condition in sight.

The Seoul Dynasty would win the first fight during NYXL’s attack. But their fight win condition was still housed around Michelle getting his EMP off before New York could capitalize. Through first and second, the timing and ultimate charge was just shy of being complete for the Dynasty’s Sombra. New York would press the advantage to snowball through the second capture point before getting fully reset.

Seoul would be pushed against the ropes as the Excelsior would race to tie up the series. The elongated fights allowed Michelle to find a living in damaging and hacking New York’s backline. Cycling an EMP every fight would have Seoul exhaust the time bank and eliminate NYXL from playoffs.


Player of the Match: Michelle

Michelle Player of the Match
Courtesy of the Overwatch League

A cornerstone to all compositions that were run today. Seoul were able to find most if not all success off the back of Michelle’s Sombra. Hacking multiple enemies enabled the rest of their team. Michelle has been a go to when talking about Seoul’s success all season long and it has fully carried over into playoffs.




Through their flexibility Seoul would find success against a red hot NYXL. Breaking expectations advancing into the semi finals of Stage one playoffs. Triple DPS, triple support and tank all around Michelle’s Sombra. The Seoul Dynasty have showed their guns and slayed a beast.



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