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Overwatch League Reschedules Canceled Chinese Homestand Games

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The Overwatch League announced on Friday the rescheduling of its canceled Chinese homestand matches. The matches will be made up in Seoul, South Korea during weeks 6 and 7 of the 2020 season, in late March.

The League’s inaugural homestands in China were canceled due to ongoing concerns about the fast-traveling COVID-19 coronavirus. These included one homestand each in Shanghai and Hangzhou, and three in Guangzhou. The makeup matches will be played “at a studio in Seoul” during weeks 6 and 7, confirming that the events in China will not be rescheduled. Some matches may also be added to the Week 5 homestand in Seoul.

While not providing the fan event that the homestands represented, the matches will be played locally as opposed to online. They will also be streamed on the Overwatch League’s YouTube channel as normal.

The homestands scheduled in China for later in the season remain unaffected. These include events in Hangzhou in week 20, Guangzhou in weeks 22 and 23, Shanghai in week 24, and Chengdu in weeks 25 and 26.

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