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Overwatch League Recap: The Florida Mayhem vs The Chengdu Hunters

The Florida Mayhem Lose to The Chengdu Hunters 2-3

Nepal: Chengdu Hunters 2-2 Florida Mayhem

Starting on Shrine, the Florida Mayhem were prepared for the disruption compositions Chengdu were known to run. Giving up the first percent of capture to the Hunters, Florida were just barely able to break past the ultimate economy set up from Ding Ameng” Menghan’s Wrecking Ball play. Only gaining 37% control as Chengdu take the first stage.

Nepal, Sanctum
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

On Sanctum, Sang-Won Swon” Yoon would swap to Winston. Fronting a standard triple tank set up, Florida struggled to find any of the Hunters open for a dive. Jae-mo “Xepher” Koo eating Ma Lateyoung” Tianbin’s Graviton and Sang-Bum BQB” Lee getting two of their own in a 40% stall on the point, Florida flipped the point. Forcing Ameng to Reinhardt then back to Wrecking Ball aided Florida in controlling the tempo and taking the stage.

Chengdu would answer back in force on Village. Florida were unable to control the pace of the match with Luo “Elsa” Wenjie on Sombra finding hacks continuously. The Mayhem were able to use their own EMP to get footing on the point and some control percent too. However, Chengdu would come back with explosive DPS abilities to take the stage and the map.


King’s Row: Florida Mayhem 3-2 Chengdu Hunters

With BQB looking for hacks onto key enemies for Florida’s defense, they were able to get ultimates earlier. It payed off in the end of Point A, as Xepher was able to save the end of a staggering fight. Only then did the inevitable nano blade come out from Yi Jinmu” Hu to wipe Florida’s back line and unlock the payload.

Halfway through the streets of King’s Row, Florida answered in kind. Cycling their own EMP and Graviton

Sang-Bum “BQB” Lee
Photo courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Surge from Xepher and BQB respectively. Being able to shut down a biotic grenade or being silenced, Chengdu went GOATs but with an Ana instead of a Zenyatta. Finding one enemy at a time and bursting them down would allow Chengdu to push the advantage into the last part of their attack. With help from Tviq’s swap to Mei, Chengdu were unable to capture the last point of escort.

With a win condition in sight, Florida attacked with BQB on Sombra again. The Mayhem would lose the first fight to Chengdu’s supports keeping Ameng alive while cornering Florida in a small alleyway. Florida gained their tempo back through cycling EMPS and Graviton Surges all the way to the last point with just a few bumps along the way.

Tviq would switch to Mei again just as Florida were attacking the last part of Kings Row. Their ice walls were able to separate Chengdu often, who swapped to GOATs for their final defense. Through disruption and crowd control effects, Florida were able to keep focus and prioritize targets through BQB’s EMP to push forward and win the map.

Temple of Anubis: Chengdu Hunters 2-0 Florida Mayhem

Florida was on defense first with Hyeon-woo Hagopeun” Jo on Ana instead of the standard Zenyatta. Chengdu, with the spawn at their back, had the opportunity to have Jinmu swap on to Pharah. Uncontested control of the air space allowed Jinmu to lay down damage and get a quick barrage to capture the first point.

The second point would be the snowball of the day. Jinmu again would earn a quick barrage forcing Mayhem into a long stall. Elsa would clean up the point with a two elimination self destruct to put 5:42 in the bank for Chengdu capturing both points.

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

On attack, Florida would be stopped in their tracks from the standout Widow play courtesy of Lo Baconjack” Tzu-Heng. The Mayhem were struggling to find a clean engagement onto the Hunters who had Ameng on Orisa and Jinmu on Junkrat. To no avail, Florida were sticking to their guns on a triple tank and support composition. With a rip tire to seal the deal, Chengdu would full hold Florida and go up another map in the series.


Rialto: Florida Mayhem 3-2 Chengdu Hunters

Florida defended first with Hagopeun on Ana rather then Zenyatta. The Mayhem brought no utility to deal with Jinmu and Ameng on Pharah and Wrecking Ball, respectively. Florida would continue to get overrun on the second phase of the Hunters attack. Unable to use their resources to engage onto any member of Chengdu, the payload stopped once with Tviq cancelling Baconjack’s EMP ultimate.

Florida would find life on the final phase of Chengdu’s attack. Exhausting the time bank and forcing Chengdu to play a more seen composition around Elsa’s Sombra allowed Florida to do the same around BQB’s. Florida were able to press the advantage and gain ultimate economy pushing into Chengdu’s spawn to stop the third point from being captured.

Photo Courtesy of The Overwatch League

Florida would struggle on attack with their own Wrecking Ball composition against Chengdu’s double sniper. Baconjack reprised a star Widowmaker role in shutting down sight lines from Florida’s supports. Building up five ultimate abilities for their second phase, The Mayhem fended off the Hunters and marched into the third point with a map five in sight.

Resetting the ultimate bank, Chengdu would answer back on last with every resource they had. Kong Kyo” Chunting having to invest a desperation transcendence to push Florida back to spawn with one minute left on the clock. In doing so, Xepher could get free value from their Graviton Surge and push Florida to map five.


Busan Chengdu Hunters 2-0 Florida Mayhem

Long awaited, Sayaplayer activated!

All throughout Meka Base, Florida would go for a DPS composition against a triple tank composition from the Hunters. Although getting their ultimates faster, Florida were unable to clear space on the point. The Hunters would take the first stage.

Chengdu continued the front line pressure with a triple tank composition. Florida, however, would look to disrupt further with Jeong-woo Sayaplayer” Ha’s Widowmaker. With a few pop offs,The DPS composition of Florida struggled to find space on the point. The Hunters would roll back in with their three tanks to bully Florida back and take control. Chengdu flipped the point at 88% and push to win the series over Florida.


Luo “Elsa” Wenjie
Player of the Match
Player of the match: Elsa

Elsa has been a cornerstone for the Chengdu Hunters. Flexing Sombra and depending on what is needed shows deep versatility in their hero pool and the ability to adapt. Eating a handful of Gravitons and finding multiple EMP’s,  Elsa had a standout game setting their team up for success.



Florida looked strong when running BQB on Sombra. BQB aided Florida in controlling the pace of the match. The Mayhem were able to show composure when their backs were against the wall against a very strong, never die attitude in The Hunters. Heading into their next series on February 28th, Florida will need to shape up their DPS driven compositions to stand toe to toe against The Guangzhou Charge.


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