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Overwatch League Recap: Seoul Dynasty vs London Spitfire

Seoul Dynasty Win 3-0

Both teams came into today’s match looking for a win, and with it, a playoff spot. The defending champions put up a tough fight, but in the end they were no match for the teamwork and precision that the Dynasty brought.

Nepal – Seoul 2-1 London

Though it was back and forth, Seoul were able to come out on top of the opening team fight. With flex tank Min-hyuk “Michelle” Choi eating Kim “Profit” Jun-hyung’s first Graviton Surge, they turned the tables and sent a Self Destruct back at the Spitfire.

Photo courtesy of Sean Costello

With a decisive win for Seoul on the first map, and London responding with strength on the second, it was all tied up heading into Sanctum. This was Baek “Fissure” Chan-hyung’s playground. Now playing Winston, they controlled the space. This left Seoul’s back line under little pressure. Ryu “Ryujehong” Jehong also played a part in enabling the rest of Seoul. Taking the series by way of composed ultimate economy, setting up engagements off of Primal Rage or Graviton Surge.


Hollywood – Seoul 3-2 London

Seoul attacked first, and they struggled down to the two minute marker to gain footing on the point at all. Through three separate rotations they found success in a long route around the cafe to set up Fissure’s Earth Shatter and Michelle’s Self Destruct, unlocking the point.

Photo Courtesy of the Overwatch League

Michelle would continue their commanding performance on D.Va, not only shutting down damage but offsetting London’s resource management with their own, consistent damage. Although they lost a lot of time through the second stage, the Dynasty would prevail in the resource war and take the payload to just meters before the final capture point. Regardless of Byungsun “Fleta” Kim’s Graviton surge getting eaten Seoul would still capture all points of Hollywood in Overtime.

Defending from the villa of the capture point, Seoul was left out of sync following a series of graviton surges from both sides. London would unlock the payload and march down the second stage of Hollywood.

The controlled aggression from Seoul was a breath of fresh air. Although not every team fight was a victory, they always came out of the engagements with a plethora of ultimate charge. With London in overtime, and a last team fight scenario underway, Fissure and Michelle found another bigger bang combo to end the map and put Seoul up two maps in the series.

Temple of Anubis – DRAW 2-2

Seoul were able to take point A and 72% on point B with a quad DPS comp built around Fissure on

Photo Courtesy of Heroes Never Die

Wrecking Ball. Finding real pressure with Fleta’s Pharah, they put London in a hard place. Adding to this threat, Seoul were often able to take advantage of a hack from Michelle on Sombra or a head shot from Sangbeom “Munchkin” Byun on Widowmaker. The Spitfire were able to play off of their strong ultimate economy to fend Seoul off all the way down to overtime. The Dynasty would still prevail from their own ultimates, capturing the second point off of Fissure blocking Jaehui “Gesture” Hong’s earth shatter.

Through Seoul’s Defense, their over aggression started to get punished by London. Finding an early elimination onto Fissure allowed them to capture point A. Seungsoo “Jecse” Lee had a timely sound barrier as London attempted a bigger bang combo to quickly snowball on point B. The Spitfire found progress slowly after eliminating Fissure. The following fight would find them a full capture of point B and a chance to win the map with a 1:54 time bank.

The Dynasty knew it’d be a few team fights to secure the series, even from a draw, to get closer to their first stage playoff appearance. By winning the first fight from the orbs of destruction Ryujehong was throwing down range, Seoul had ultimate advantage. Finding a three elimination Self Destruct, Michelle would aid their team in a series victory.

Route 66 – Seoul 3-2 London

Even with Seoul losing the first elimination, they were still able to fend London off until there was one minute remaining. Forcing the past season’s Champions into a multitude of rotations found them without a point A capture. Seoul were then caught in a mirror graviton. Junho “Fury” Kim was able to find 3 eliminations with their self destruct to get London to the second stage.

Never winning team fights in a  explosive manor, Seoul were still able to exhaust a lot of time from London’s attack. The Dynasty’s own rotations forced resources out of London early allowing team fights to drag out. In overtime, the Dynasty held strong allowing the Spitfire only the first two capture points with progress on the third stage.

Sombra EMP
Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

At a blistering pace, Seoul were able to take control of the tempo of the map. Michelle on Sombra helped with that, finding hacks onto key members to give them Point A.  Pushing around the first bend of the second stage would be where they were stopped.

After being pushed back a few times, Seoul’s sights were set on winning this map with their Sombra composition. Off an early engagement gave the Dynasty payload control again, London would have to race to the point. When they got there, however they were met with a final EMP giving Seoul the map.

Player of the Match: Fissure

Photo courtesy of Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment

Fissure is now 4-0 against London Spitfire

The amount of damage everyone from Seoul was able to find today was because Fissure was playing at their best. Despite being eliminated first in some team fights, the key blocked shatters and stuns hit outweighed that.

A strong main tank can enable everyone on the team to excel, and that is what was showcased today by Fissure.




Although playoffs aren’t solidified from this series win, Seoul looked like a playoff team regardless. The Dynasty found success in their flexibility and standard triple tank compositions against a strong competitor like London. Michelle was a standout, coming back to life on Sombra and finding value in D.Va from eating Graviton Surges and Self Destruct placements.



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