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Overwatch League Hero Pool Update

Owl hero pool updates

Jon Spector, VP of the Overwatch League, announced today on the Overwatch League YouTube Channel that Hero Pools for the Overwatch League would be receiving an update. Weekly entries into the pool will now be proportional to the pick rate of those heroes. This way, heroes will little play time during the week are less likely to be banned and must pick heroes are more likely to be banned. The exact proportions can be seen below.

  • 10-25% Pick rate – 1 Ticket

  • 25-50% Pick rate – 2 Tickets

  • 50-75% Pick rate – 3 Tickets

  • 75+% Pick rate – 4 Tickets

These changes are meant to prevent the situation we’ve seen two weeks in a row now where characters like Winston, Soldier 76 and Widowmaker were banned despite being on the lower end of the pick rate. On the other hand, heroes like D.Va who have seen play rates upwards of 90% have yet to be banned. With these changes, it will become safer to predict what heroes will be banned each week and hopefully ease the burden for teams playing each week a bit easier.

The Overwatch League returns March 21st with the San Francisco Shock taking on the Seoul Dynasty. Watch here on the Overwatch League YouTube Channel.

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Featured image courtesy of the Overwatch League.

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