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Overwatch League Stage Two: DPS Zenyatta meta

Overwatch League

The Philadelphia Fusion pushed the New York Excelsior to the brink during the Overwatch League stage two finals. Picking up the first two maps, they truly looked like a dominating team. New York had no plans to go down easy however, and came back to take the championship. The Fusion were clear underdogs throughout the finals, against both London and New York. Their strong team play, and key plays by Zenyatta player Boombox, helped carry them to victory.

Overwatch League Final Team Similarities

There was one binding element that each of the three teams shared throughout their lineups. They had one scary good Zenyatta player. London had Bdosin, Philadelphia had Boombox, and New York had Jjonak. Jjonak has been the focus and spotlight for the high amount of damage and eliminations he racks up over the course of a match, but the other two really showed they can follow suit over the course of Sunday. Having someone that can utilize their healing abilities while also providing and focusing down high-value targets is an amazing addition to any team. The prioritization of Zenyatta’s discord orb, along with impeccable aim allows for Zenyatta to shred through squishy and tanks alike. With focus fire coming in from DPS teammates, it can delete an enemy before their support can get a heal in.

DPS to Zenyatta?

Overwatch League
Jjonak Hero damage from Overwatch League

An interesting theory about Zenyatta’s recent play throughout stage two is that some flex DPS players may start practicing the monk more. The damage and disruption a damage focused Zenyatta can do to the enemy team may prompt teams to replicate it. Someone with incredible aiming abilities like Kariv has for the Los Angeles Valiant may take over Unkoe’s signature hero. A quick discord and orb volley can quickly turn the tide of a map or battle in your favor.

Zenyatta Can Still Heal

Even with the massive amounts of damage Zenyatta can pump out in the hands of a player like Jjonak, he’s still a healer. Being able to provide secondary healing while pumping out damage is a luxury most supports don’t get. Currently the only hero that is capable of similar sustained damage while healing is Moira, who can provide massive AOE heals. Ana’s biotic grenade does a fair deal of damage, but its main focus is the utility of anti-heal that it provides. No one does damage in a support role better than Zenyatta, and a damage boosted Zen is truly something to fear.

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