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Overwatch League Cancels Remaining Homestands

On Tuesday, the Overwatch League tweeted out the upcoming schedule for weeks 9 and 10, much to fans’ excitement. However, buried in the attached release was a second announcement that the remaining 28 homestands, scheduled for weeks 14-27 would be canceled due to “the ongoing global health situation”. Details regarding the end of season playoff matches and Grand Finals are still to come, but it appears that the league remains hopeful that these will be able to be live events. 

The release states that the remaining regular season homestands will be played fully online and that the “league will continue to release future match schedules as soon as they’re available.” At this time, teams and production staff will be able to continue working from home or a suitable location, as long as there is no travel, fan attendance, or “unnecessary interpersonal contact”. 

The league had made the decision earlier in the month to cancel homestands through the end of April in an effort to wait and see the impact the global pandemic would continue to have. Since then matches have been played online, while casters and observers work from home. Despite some “scruffiness” here and there, the broadcasts have been met with a well reception.

Featured Image Courtesy of Carlton Beener for Blizzard Entertainment

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