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Overwatch League is better off without xQc


With his recent behavior, xQc finds himself in hot water once again. On Friday, March 9, 2018, he was fined and banned for four games; the Dallas Fuel find themselves without him once again. Recently he has also expressed frustration with the team’s performance. He has stated that he may be parting ways with the team. Signed as another main tank for the Fuel, OGE will challenge xQc for his position on the team. If that is the case, the Fuel and League will be better for it.

xqc: repeat offender

xQc, Muma
Courtesy of Robert Paul and Houston Outlaws

When it comes to disruptive behavior or comments, there’s no one quite like xQc in the Overwatch League. He’s faced multiple bans from matches, and received multiple fines as well. He received a ban for throwing matches while streaming. Since then xQc has continued his disruptive and unprofessional behavior. Tweeting and quickly deleting it, he referred to the Overwatch League’s casters as cancer.

This came on the heels of when he spammed an emote featuring an African American streamer on the Overwatch League’s stream while Malik Forté was on camera. The League stated he spammed the emote “in a racially disparaging manner,” where xQc admitted that “I posted ‘Trihard” 187 times total.” He continued to state that it was an accident that they were posted with Malik on camera.

Missing all of stage one due to his suspension for homophobic remarks directed toward Houston Outlaws player Muma, xQc has shown he can’t change his stripes. His words state that he is sorry, that he will change his demeanor, but his actions speak for themselves. Some of this he has explained as frustration for the team’s performance, but none of the Shanghai Dragons have expressed themselves in similar conduct. In fact, the only other players that have been fined for using language or gestures have been Profit with the London Spitfire, for flipping the bird while on camera for the Overwatch League, and Fuel teammate Taimou. On his Twitch stream he used anti-gay slurs that resulted in a $1,000 fine. Fuel players have been the only ones to receive disparaging language fines.

Distracting the Fuel from the game

Source: Dallas Fuel

A teammates behavior, and the questions that follow, will start to strain a person. The Fuel have had to field questions left and right about xQc’s actions. Mid-game communication has been a clear problem with the Fuel, as xQc continues to try and push an aggressive style onto the defensive minded Fuel. This clash has resulted in breakdowns, causing further strain on the team. xQc stating that he may be leaving the team following this recent ban would be good news for the Fuel. With his actions and negative image being removed from the team, they can start focusing on the game again. When someone continues to act in a way they’ve stated they no longer will, continues to lash out at other players and casters, do you even want him on your team?

Good Riddance

The negativity xQc has brought to both the Fuel and the Overwatch League is a blemish over what has been a great beginning. The Fuel and League should continue to promote their code of conduct, and they should continue to punish xQc for his actions. If he wants to walk, let him walk. The Fuel already have OGE ready to replace him for the remainder of season one, and the League will be happy to rid themselves of the negative image he brings. For the Overwatch League to continue to grow, xQc should go.


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