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Overwatch League Article Accidentally Leaks Valentine Joining Boston

Overwatch League Leaks Valentine

On Wednesday Febraury 3, the Overwatch League published an offseason article that dived into what the General Managers of the league think will happen in 2021. The piece discussed topics like potential 2021 MVP candidates, what composition teams would want to see, and who would teams sign to build a new franchise. However after each section, the author mentions all the of the players who received votes for the discussed award. The name that stuck out is Uprising’s alleged newest member Byeong-Ju “Valentine” Kim – a player Boston has yet to announce.

This small footnote is a massive surprise to Boston fans and Overwatch League fans as a whole. There had been rumors that Valentine would join Boston, but up until this article, he had not officially been revealed as a player for the Uprising.

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Leaks aren’t uncommon in the Overwatch League offseason. Typically news breaks through reporters and journalists, not the official OWL website. The mistake seems like a simple miscommunication between the League and the Uprising. Either way, it is unfortunate that the news is revealed by accident rather than a formal announcement from the Uprising.

Excitingly enough though, Valentine received votes for not only Rookie of the Year, but for Most Valuable Player for 2021. Whether or not those votes came from the Uprising staff or not, it appears as though this information was known to the majority of the team owners as well. The Uprising team will surely not be happy to see that their exciting new announcement is lazily revealed as an italic on the official Overwatch League page.


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