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Overwatch League Announces the “Countdown Cup” and End of Season Schedule

Countdown Cup

As teams prepare for the Summer Showdown, the Overwatch League announced their plans for the rest of the season. After the Summer Showdown concludes, teams will again have a week-long break before heading into more seeding matches. This time, OWL teams will be battling in the Countdown Cup.

Starting in August, the Countdown Cup will be the last of the series of tournaments until the Grand Finals playoffs. Teams will once again play three seeding matches in order to set the bracket. Once the seeds are set, the tournament will run identical to the past two.

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Also in the announcement is the reveal of the schedule of matches for the rest of the season. Teams will play games until each organization has played in 21 matches. This means teams that missed the first-half of the season will have a few more matches than those who haven’t battled travel or roster issues.

The season will end a bit sooner than expected as well, as the original schedule had teams playing 28 matches.Unfortunately there is no update to the end-of-season playoff structure just yet. More details will be announced at the end of July, just before the Countdown Cup.

Get the full run-down of the Countdown Cup and end-of-season schedule here!


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