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Overwatch League All-Stars Unlikely


A fan favorite event has always been the All-Stars weekend. It brings together players who may have been on the same team in the past, friends, and old rivalries. This year there has been no word about an official Overwatch League All-Star Weekend. There is little chance of an All-Star weekend because of a few factors, which will be looked at below.

Small Events

This season the Overwatch League has been spreading out some of the beloved events to be pre-match entertainment. There was player 1v1 such as Seonghyeon ‘Jjonak’ Bang vs Kyungbo ‘Alarm’ Kim on Zen and Byungsun ‘Fleta’ Kim  vs Jaehyuk ‘Carpe’ Lee during the May Melee pre show. There has already been the talent takedown event which has been a staple of the All-Stars Weekend as well. The Countdown Cup highlighted the MVP candidates who played the popular custom 1v1 match with rotating heroes.

In the APAC region after the home stands the APAC teams put on mini All-Stars with widow free for alls, mixed roster teams, and more. It was a fun to watch, but only involved the local teams. Though North America has not had that mixed team roster match, the fans have been able to see some amazing pairings cross APAC CNOW region.


Courtesy of Overwatch

The past All-Star skins are back for purchasing if any of the community members weren’t able to get them the first time around. This would have been the perfect time for the Overwatch League to announce, the re-opening of the vault for these skins along side the newest All-Star skin coming soon. But there was no such announcement. It doesn’t make sense that these two announcements would not be dropped together.


The logistics of All-Stars would be extremely difficult. Last year because of Covid related issues there were regional All-Star events. This year there are already teams that are no longer in Season 4. These players may have gone back home or behind the scenes teams’ may have already made decisions about the roster. To now go back and create and All-Stars weekend would be difficult also because of ping. With the issues that the Grand Final has brought up. The NA teams that are going to Hawaii could participate but some of the fan favorite all stars from other teams would not be present.


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