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Overwatch Junker Queen Officially Announced

Overwatch Junker Queen

In a surprise announcement, Junker Queen was announced for Overwatch 2 as the next new hero coming to the game. While not much is known about her officially, there was a leak that said that Junker Queen was on her way. Now this has been confirmed during the Summer Games Fest, here is what is known about Overwatch Junker Queen.

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The Junker Queen has been around for a while and is a known character in the Overwatch Universe. She has had her run-ins with Junkrat, Roadhog and Wrecking Ball so far. Along with this, she has had concept art done before and Jeff Kaplan himself said that they did plan on adding her to the game but that it would be a while until she was seen. To many, this likely meant Overwatch 2.

With new characters such as Sojourn coming out with the Overwatch 2 betas and the development crew confirming that other heroes would come this year with other beta versions, Junker queen would make sense. Luckily for fans her abilities have potentially been leaked. This comes from Reddit user u/Stuck-In-Orbit and they claim ex-head coach from the Paris Eternal and Toronto Defiant FefeGG leaked these. Here is a potential look at the Junker Queen abilities along with translantions.


  • Translation: Left Click: Shotgun Fire

Ability 1

r/overwatch2 - Junker Queen Leak

  • Translation:
    • Name: Serrated Blade
    • Passive: melee strike, injuring the enemy and doing damage over time.
    • Active: Throw the blade. It comes back to Junkerqueen when reactivated. Attracts enemy if hit by the blade.

Ability 2

r/overwatch2 - Junker Queen Leak

  • Translation:
    • Name: Rallying Cry
    • Active: Increases Junkerqueen’s HP by 200 and nearby allies’ HP by 100. Increases movement speed by 30%.

Ability 3

  • Translation:
    • Name: Carnage
    • Active: Damages all enemies in front, and does damage over time. (Assumed bleeding effect)


  • Translation:
    • Name: Adrenaline Boost
    • Active: Passive: Heals all “bleeding” damage. (Basically all damage done by bleeding heals Junker Queen)


  • Translation:
    • Name: Rampage
    • Active: Charge ahead. Applies bleeding + anti-heal to enemies.

As a quick reminder, the abilities themselves have not been confirmed by Blizzard. That being said she looks like someone who could be a tank and be very useful to combat the healing problem in the game with her ultimate. Keep an eye out as Overwatch 2 Beta is coming soon and with it will likely be new heroes outside of just Sojourn.

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