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Overwatch Hero 32 Could be Announced Very Soon

overwatch new hero

Hero 32 in Overwatch is one that fans have awaited for now almost seven months. But, closing out this month, there is a small glimmer of hope that fans will get more answers on Overwatch’s next hero.

An image that was recently posted to a popular Overwatch subreddit by user u/andygmb pointed out that, in both of the last two years, Overwatch has announced a new hero at the end of February. With leaks seemingly confirmed a new Mardi Gras event at the end of the month, it would make sense that a new hero is released alongside it.

overwatch new hero

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The only potential hiccup in this idea is the general idea that the Overwatch developer team has seemingly changed a great deal about how and when they release new content. From patches coming more frequently to changes in competitive seasons, there’s a lot of shift happening in the game right now that may give reason to put the hope of a new hero on pause, for now.


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