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Overwatch Hero 31 Candidate Tier List

Overwatch hero 31

Overwatch youtube content creator, Overwatch Limbo has recently created a tier list ranking the possibilities for Overwatch’s 31st hero based on what kind of information has been released about the characters. Based on how many of the following qualifications apply to each character, they are ranked from “S” all the way down to “E” for less likely possibilities.

Overwatch hero 31
Image Courtesy of Overwatch Limbo
The five qualifications are as follows:
  1. Name
  2. Drawing
  3. Lore
  4. Abilities
  5. 3D Model
  6. Confirmed
Overwatch hero 31
Image Courtesy of Overwatch Limbo

Hero 31: What We Know

In the latest July developer update, Jeff Kaplan stated that the next hero would be a male. But, in this update, Jeff did not specify past hero 31 which could still leave room for Echo to make an appearance at a later date. Who knows, she could even be released at the same time as someone like Mauga, just as the 32nd hero instead.

In the same update, Jeff also claimed that they were slightly delaying the release of this hero but that it should still be set to go out sometime in July. With the Summer Games event already having gone live, fans should be expecting the new hero on the PTR very soon, possibly even in the next few days.

This tier list gives a great and comprehensive chart with which fans can theorize and make their predictions for upcoming heroes. There are still some characters in the game’s lore that it did not include, like the other D.Va mech characters, but it is otherwise incredibly thorough in how far back it goes and who it includes. But, to truly find out who hero 31 will eventually be, all fans can do is continue to wait and keep an eye on any new updates from the OW development team.


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