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Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020: What Skins Could Fans See?

halloween terror 2020 skins

As October continues on, that familiar feeling of spooks and scares lingers in the air. For a fourth year, the Overwatch Halloween Terror event is just around the corner. On top of the return of Junkenstein’s Revenge, a popular PvE mode that includes more characters every year, fans look forward to the new cosmetics. Halloween skins are some of the best in the game, with all levels of creativity being showcased by the amazing concept crew at Blizzard.

[The Overwatch Halloween 2020 Event Has Been Officially Announced]

Last year, fans got a treat with skins for multiple characters that hadn’t yet been involved in the Halloween spirit. This year, there’s a strong hope that Blizzard will do the very same. Below are a handful of skins that fans could see when the Halloween Terror event goes live.

1. Dragonmaster

halloween terror 2020 skins

Image courtesy of the artist, Meedup.

Out of all the heroes on the Overwatch roster, remains one of the original characters in this game who hasn’t received a Halloween skin. Though it’s true she was just honored with an Overwatch League All Stars skin, that shouldn’t exempt her from the spooky season. With an incredibly detailed design by Meedup on Tumblr, this skin showcases a chaotic side of this MEKA pilot. With an aesthetic similar to’s Destroyer skin from Heroes of the Storm, this skin transforms’s mech into a flying beast, allowing her to intimidate and soar over her enemies.

2. King Kong Winston

This might be a little too on the nose, but think about it. Winston, who has yet to receive a Halloween skin, could easily pull off the threatening aura of a classic monster like King Kong. With his stature, Winston could tower above his enemies, adorned with wires and wreckage from the city he’s just stormed through. His Telsa Cannon could then resemble a building he tore down on his way to the battlefield, spraying lightning in spades. 

3. Undead Genji

halloween terror 2020 skins
Image courtesy of the artist, Igor Nekto Mult Tyutyunnikov.

Another hero who hasn’t gotten a chance to join in on the Halloween fun is Genji. He has a concept already, previously revealed in Overwatch comics, but who’s to say that’s where the fun can stop? A now integral part of Junkestein’s as the Swordsman, Genji could dash onto the field as an undead soldier. Make to look almost skeletal in nature, he dashes through hordes of zombie omnics with a ghostly blade. Leaves cover his weapons, too, to show the foliage he climbed through in order to return to the fight.

4. Phantom Echo

The newest hero to the Overwatch roster is surely deserving of some Halloween antics. With the way Echo floats through the skin above everyone else, it’s easy to imagine her as some kind of spirit. Ethereal in movements and hard to track, Echo could become wispy in appearance. Her blue, holographic skin is the perfect base for something translucent, and her sticky bombs could act as tiny, paranormal orbs, shooting from the other side to strike back and those who’ve wronged her.

5. Deep Sea Brigitte

halloween terror 2020 skins
Image courtesy of the artist, Fiona Dunn.

Brigitte has become a fan favorite since being released, and yet, she hasn’t gotten a Halloween skin. Being introduced as the Sheildmaiden in Junkenstein’s Revenge, it’s about time she get involved in the lore and the scares that come. In the same vein as her Summer Games skin, which turned her into a fisherman, Brigitte could easily pull off the look of a deep sea diver, lost to the currents of the ocean. A large helmet covers her face, keeping her a mystery to those around her, while her hooked mace could easily reel opponents in from across the map. Cobwebs sell the final look, giving her the true appearance of a lost soul.

6. Amphibian Lucio

Matching skins never go out of style, and what’s better for a lost diver than the amphibious monster that dragged them down? Lucio, who received his first Halloween skin last year, could join the fun permanently with something akin to the Creature of the Black Lagoon. With a frog-like appearance (a gentle nod to his nickname as the “frog boy”), Lucio could slide and hop his way around the map with ease. Long, webbed hands complete the look, alongside green skin covered in gills, transforming Lucio into a water dwelling creature of the night.

7. Ghost Sigma

halloween terror 2020 skins
Image courtesy of the artist, Plastic.

Another hero that tends to float above the rest is Sigma. With his towering appearance, it’s easy to see how this man could haunt enemies far and wide as a Ghost. However, not to be confused with the Phantom Echo concept, imagine Sigma as a ghost of ages past. Complete with a ball and chain around his foot, and broken chains around his wrists, Sigma represents a soul who wanders. Large armor also keeps him protected, while still showing those around him that he’s not to be taken lightly. His spheres seem almost on fire as they light up with paranormal energy, and Sigma looms threatening until he can bring everyone to his level with a massive Gravitic Flux from the underworld.

8. Greymane Reinhardt

A nod to another Blizzard title, World of Warcraft, lends itself perfect to the narrator of Junkenstein’s Revenge, Reinhardt. Someone who also has yet to receive a Halloween Skin, this skin suits Reinhardt perfectly. By day, a man covered in armor, ready to fight battles and protect those around him. By moonlight, however, a fearsome werewolf, fending for himself. A more wolf-like appearance could easily be done, with Reinhardt’s large grey beard already in play. His giant hammer could easily become a massive sword as well, which he swings with might and with ease.

It’s unsure when the Halloween Terror event will start, but signs point to sometime next week. Keep eyes on the Overwatch twitter, as well as The Game Haus, for any and all updates.

Featured Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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