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Overwatch: Four Heroes We Would Love To See In Smash Ultimate

Smash Ultimate

The newest iteration of the Super Smash Bros. series has finally graced the Nintendo Switch. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the ultimate mashup of games, developers, and platforms. From characters that range from the typical Nintendo lineups, such as Mario and Yoshi, to more obscure franchises, like Bayonetta.

Nintendo and Blizzard have recently started to work together. The recent port of Diablo 3 is the first game that Blizzard has put out on a Nintendo system in over a decade. Similarly, reports have come out saying that Blizzard is still open to bringing Overwatch to the Nintendo Switch. If these reports are true, this could lead to some interesting partnerships, including bringing a Hero from Overwatch into Smash Ultimate. Here are four Heroes that fans could see in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.


Smash Ultimate

Courtesy of Play Overwatch

Doomfist makes the most sense to bring into Smash Ultimate. His layout and kit are perfect for a fighting game. His one large fist that can deal massive amounts of damage. The “rising uppercut” for a recovery. His projectiles from his left hand. The “seismic slam” to hurt enemies on either side of him. Doomfist is the Hero that fans think would make the most sense to import from Overwatch into Smash Ultimate. Doomfist may be similar to the current Mii Brawler character. This option seems the most likely if any Hero makes their way over to the game.


Smash Ultimate
Courtesy of Play Overwatch

While Brigitte may have been thrown out there originally as a joke, this idea could work. Smash Bros. newcomers Simon and Richter both have flailing weapons that also function as a tether to the ledge. This is something Brigitte could use as well. Her shield could be made similarly to Pit’s down-B, which provides him with cover from two shields. Brigitte could have a move that would heal herself, and her bash could be a powerful smash attack.

However, many fans would hate to see their least favorite character in another game. Overwatch fans have been complaining about Brigitte since the GOATS meta took over. Having her be the face of their beloved franchise in another game would anger a large portion of the fan base.


Smash Ultimate
Courtesy of Play Overwatch

Genji would not be unique by bringing a sword into Smash Ultimate. However, Genji would still have a lot to offer in the game. His reflect could be translated as a parry, while his dash could be implemented similarly to Falco or Fox. Genji could also be made with a decent recovery, seeing as he has multiple jumps and can climb walls in Overwatch. There are already many other characters that have swords, such as Ike or Roy. However, Genji could be a much faster and lighter alternative to the other Fire Emblem characters.

Wrecking Ball

Smash Ultimate
Courtesy of Play Overwatch

Finally, we have Wrecking Ball, or Hammond as he is affectionately known. While it may seem silly to throw a literal ball in the game of Smash, think of the other heavy characters he would line up with. He would be a similar size to King Dedede, but a bit faster. His swinging mechanic would also work as a tether, similar to Simon, Richter, Isabelle and now Luigi. His “piledriver” would make for the perfect spike. While it is unlikely that Wrecking Ball would make it into Smash Ultimate, it would still be a hilarious option.

What DLC characters are you hoping to see in Smash Ultimate? What Overwatch Hero do you think makes the most sense in Super Smash Bros.? Let us know!


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1 comment

Anonymous May 28, 2019 at 4:38 pm

heres my list of these four characters in order:
1. Doomfist. He would be logical to put in smash.
2. Wrecking Ball. He would be fun and as a heavyweight main id appreciate that.
3. genji. a fast ninja With a sword? ok!
4. Briggite. Fuck briggite.


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