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Overwatch Experimental Patch Notes, August 18 Update

Experimental Patch Notes August 18

On Tuesday August 18, Overwatch announced the release of a new Experimental Card. The latest experiment looks to adjust Moira, a character many players have felt needed a rework for some time. The developers over at Blizzard seem to enjoy testing out new changes, as Tuesday’s announcement marks the fourth experiment in a month’s time. Players keeping up with the experimental changes this year will notice a familiar change to Moira’s kit.

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For the full Experimental Card notes, check out the post here.

  • Biotic Grasp
    • Attach Angle reduced by 37%
  • Biotic orb
    • Now sticks to enemies when impacting them, instead of floating by them
    • Only deals damage if stuck to an enemy
      • Deals 60 damage per second to all enemies
      • Will remain stuck on a player for 3 seconds or until 120 damage is dealt to that player
    • The Orb is destroyed if it hits an enemy barrier
    • Reduced max number of bounces to 1
    • Increased projectile speed from 20 to 25
  • Fase
    • Now Phases out all allies within 6 meters (and self) for 1 second after exiting fade
    • No longer allows Moira to escape Graviton Surge or Gravitic Flux
    • Cooldown increased from 6 to 8 seconds.

These changes to Moira are actually incredibly similar to an earlier Experimental Card back in July. This time around, the Damage Orb is going to stick to enemies rather than have a smaller damage radius. Moira’s Fade has the same proposed changes from the earlier experiment.

  • Wraith Form
    • No longer allows Reaper to escape from Graviton Surge and Gravitic Flux

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