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Overwatch Experimental Mode December 3 Update

Overwatch Season 28 End Date

A patch has been added to Overwatch’s experimental mode. The heroes affected are Baptiste, D.Va and Reinhardt. Both tanks have received buffs while Baptiste has received nerfs. For a full breakdown, visit the Play Overwatch Website here.


  • Mech Armor/Health has been redistributed from 200/400 to 300/300
  • Base Armor increased from 200 to 250
  • Rocket Hammer damage increased from 75 to 85


Overwatch Experimental Mode December 3 Update
Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment


  • Immortality Field health decreased from 200 to 150
  • Amplification Matrix ultimate cost increased by 15%

This is one of the smaller experimental patches recently. That said it does seem to be hitting some small but needed elements in all three heroes kits.

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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