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What Are Echo’s Abilities?

Echo Overwatch

Today, on stream, fans got a first look at Hero 32, Echo. Her kit was also revealed, showing some interesting tactics and intense gameplay that changes the game for everyone. Yes, everyone.

Firstly is her passive ability, named Glide. It operates along the lines of Pharah’s Jet Pack, where Echo launches herself into the air and hovers. She sustains herself for a total of 2 seconds before she gently begins to fall. Her falling can be compared to Mercy’s hover after a use of Guardian Angel. However, she falls slightly faster, and her falling grants more control. This ability is on a 6 second cooldown.

Her primary fire is three projectile bullets. They’re slow as they launch out, similar to Sigma’s projectiles. The bullets do 17 damage each, and 51 damage per blast if all shots are landed. Her bullets have 15 rounds before needing a reload.

Her alternate fire is called Sticky Bomb. If aimed right, this projectile could hit multiple targets at once. There are 6 bombs per volley, and these bombs to an initial 5 damage on impact. They do another additional 30 damage when they explode after one second. This ability has a 6 second cooldown.

Her ability is called Focusing Beam. Similar in look to Moira’s Ultimate, Coalescence, Focusing Beam is meant to kill low health targets. With a range of 20 meters, this beam lasts for 2.5 seconds. Normally, it does 50 damage per second. However, to targets that are half health and under, it does 200 damage per second. Additionally, this ability works against shields, barriers, and things like ice walls.

Her ultimate ability is called Duplicate. In the game, Echo can use her ultimate to transform herself into any of the 31 heroes in the game. In this form, the character is pixelated, which still makes it easy to spot in a crowd of 12 heroes. For 15 seconds, Echo transforms into any of the currently existing heroes with an accelerated ultimate gain of 650%. This means that players can turn into someone like Tracer, unload one clip of damage into the enemy team, and generate a Pulse Bomb immediately. While in this form, Echo cannot die — if she’s taken down as a duplicate, she simply returns to her original form. For this ultimate to successfully happen, line of sight is needed.

In the game options, players can toggle having target confirmation on, or off. This means that, in a complicated team fight, the game will show a hero icon of the character Echo is trying to become. That way, the player can confirm or deny the correct person that’s been selected, instead of accidentally choosing someone at random.

Currently, Echo is LIVE on the Overwatch PTR. Get those updates started, and happy playing!

Featured Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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